Non fugly maternity bras?

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Sunshine1235 Sat 01-Aug-20 16:22:37

Any recommendations for maternity bras that I can wear during pregnancy and then breastfeed in? Would like ones that are vaguely pretty to help me feel a bit more attractive than I currently do! Ideally would prefer non wired and online so I can measure myself and not have to brave the shops. Thanks

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Babymamma192 Sat 01-Aug-20 16:38:20

Following as I'm currently breastfeeding and struggling to find any nice bras!

Somewhereovertherainbow85 Sat 01-Aug-20 16:44:31

H&M do some nice ones, Helen Flanagan has a brand too, can’t remember the name. If you google her name then maternity bras it’ll come up. Seraphine website also have a few nice ones.

Sunshine1235 Sat 01-Aug-20 16:49:30

Thanks Rainbow I’ll have a look at those ones. Creepily (but also useful) an advert for Morrow and Mint nursing’s bras just came up on my feed Babymamma. Looks like some nice options there too

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Magpiefeather Sat 01-Aug-20 17:06:20

The name makes me gag but I got some really nice ones recently from Hotmilk. They look like actual attractive bras too!

Sunshine1235 Sun 02-Aug-20 22:09:02

Hot milk? 🤢 I guess it’s memorable! I’ll have a look thanks

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APurpleSquirrel Sun 02-Aug-20 22:17:27

Hotmilk bras are really nice. Also check out Molke but they aren't to everyone's taste.

Pandapotato Sun 02-Aug-20 22:46:21

Another vote for hot milk. I found it transformational when I discovered these and finally got some shape and lift back for my g-cups!

RaisinGhost Sun 02-Aug-20 22:49:52

Yep the name is gross but hot milk do some beautiful ones, they are comfortable too.

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