Wearing what you like without giving a F*** ?

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honeylou42 Fri 31-Jul-20 23:05:58

Please may I ask, do you wear whatever you like and dont care? Or follow style rules for example, you can't wear a certain item if heavier, or can't wear a mini skirt if past a certain age.

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ViciousJackdaw Fri 31-Jul-20 23:24:07

Yes indeedy, I wear whatever the hell I want to. I don't understand the wearing of clothes and shoes which do not suit/are not comfortable just because they are 'in'.

Bananaman123 Fri 31-Jul-20 23:41:27

I say fuckit and wear what i like although i dress for my shape, loose tops over stomach etc but i love bright colours and patterns

LunaTheCat Sat 01-Aug-20 03:33:48

I love clothes, and yes try to prioritise comfort - natural materials.
I think clothes are an expression of yourself. I think it is possible to be both stylish and comfortable though.

nanbread Sat 01-Aug-20 08:01:45

I do wear whatever I like yes, but I think there's a difference between not following rules / fashion / dressing your "age", and not giving a shit about what you look like at all.

I definitely care about how I look and have apparently been considered stylish by friends, but I generally don't dress to flatter my shape and I don't give a toss if I'm dressing my age or not. Some of the things I wear are a bit out there and not everyone would choose to or feel brave enough to wear. So I suppose if I felt self conscious or cared what other people thought I might not wear them.

Floisme Sat 01-Aug-20 08:13:33

I care. I like to look good, I like to look modern and I like to feel comfortable. They're my rules.

I think the idea of dressing for your shape started off as a really useful guide, but it's becoming a dogma and I follow it less and less.

WingBingo Sat 01-Aug-20 08:18:17

Function over form first.

If you can move comfortably and don’t look like you are making a massive effort, it really helps.

Don’t care about the rest, if I like it I wear it.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 01-Aug-20 08:20:13

I wear what suits me, if that’s any help.

DrWAnker Sat 01-Aug-20 08:21:11

What @nanbread said.
I like colours and shapes and textures so some of my sartorial choices are viewed as slightly unusual grin

I follow fashion to a point as I love clothes but I'm also aware what suits me.

Pikachubaby Sat 01-Aug-20 08:22:47

I have rules about “trying to not look awful” grin

But yeah, I have long hair and weer short shorts which may not Be a look to aspire to, but it’s me

I also wear flowery “granny” dresses Unapologetically

And trainers

Funnily, a few years ago granny dresses (tea dresses) and trainers became a “look” so I briefly got to look on trend wink

Soon I will look tragic and dated...

Bluntness100 Sat 01-Aug-20 08:27:31

I wear what I think is comfortable and suits me. I don’t follow fashion as such, but like to look up to date or elegant/stylish Ie I won’t be wearing elasticated skirts with American tan tights, nor will you find me in ripped jeans at fifty one.

However I do give a shit what I look like. I think if you genuinely don’t care what you look like it’s a rare person and often is accompanied by mental health issues, most people want to look good for themselves, at least. Hence why we brush our hair, or get it cut into a style, or grow it long, or wear clothes that either flatter or conceal.

I don’t have rules as such, and will happily wear shorts, but wouldn’t wear a bottom skimming skirt now As I did in my youth , so fundamentally dress what many would consider age appropriate.

toastfiend Sat 01-Aug-20 08:57:48

I care what I look like, but the things that I like to wear and that I feel confident in aren't always to other people's tastes (bright colours, patterns dungarees). There was a thread recently on here where the brand I love to wear was mentioned, with lots of comments about them being "flattering on no one", "oversized toddler clothes" etc. I don't really care about that, it's all subjective, but obviously it does demonstrate that what I wear definitely isn't to some people's tastes! I think I look good in them, and it's the most confident I've ever felt since discovering them, so yes, I definitely dress for me rather than for other people. I like lots of different styles and clothes, though, so I'm capable of dressing appropriately for any occasion, I'd just revert to comfy, slouchy, bright clothes for preference when I can.

morefun Sat 01-Aug-20 09:39:48

I really couldn't follow rules based on my age or weight, that's ridiculous. I follow the mirror and how I feel in an item.

botemp Sat 01-Aug-20 09:40:52

I don't think it's an either/or situation of you dress for yourself or others. We don't stand in isolation so there will always be some consideration of how we're viewed by others, consciously or not. Do you want to fit in, stand out, be perceived in a certain way, blend in and be ignored, look to be making an effort or effortless, etc.

It's where you stress importance that makes the difference because some fashion edicts can be like shackles whilst others can give a huge amount of comfort and peace of mind. I just care about pleasing myself first, and I focus on the aesthetics of it (proportion,lines, colours, etc). If others enjoy it too, great, if not, not a big deal either. The reality is, the majority of people are indifferent to what you wear and really just don't care so there really isn't much use in dressing for their approval and the ones making you work for their approval really aren't the ones who should be in charge for dishing it out as they're often just projecting their own issues and insecurities.

achillesratty Sat 01-Aug-20 11:53:42

There is a running joke in my family that if they see any clothing that is bright with lurid patterns they say "I bet achillesratty would wear that" and I probably would. I have never in my 50 something years cared what other people think about my clothing and I have no intention of starting now.

I can't believe that the same old trite sayings of "no one over 40 should wear a mini skirt or no one over 50 should wear a bikini" are still used to try and restrict women.

The only concession I make is wearing clothes that suit my shape, I have a comically large chest so can't wear anything floaty on my top half but I don't care what is in "fashion" I wear things that make me happy.

MikeUniformMike Sat 01-Aug-20 21:00:24

I think that toastfiend and I might be sartorial twins.
Toddler rompers (I have mentioned the brand many times) and bovver boots ring a bell.

Start with the shoes. If your feet hurt you'll feel shit.

Wear clothes that don't annoy you, and carry a bag that is light and a lightweight waterproof coat. Job done.

CatBatCat Sat 01-Aug-20 21:48:47

I know what I like and I like to wear it. I don't really care if anyone else likes it because it's me who has to wear it not them.

DramaAlpaca Sat 01-Aug-20 21:51:57

I wear exactly what I like as long as it fits well and is comfortable. I am over 50 after all wink

Fairyliz Sat 01-Aug-20 23:04:51

I don’t follow rules as such, but I do try and wear clothes that flatter my figure. So for example I wouldn’t wear short skirts, not because I am too old but because they draw attention to my knobbly knees grin.

meringue33 Sat 01-Aug-20 23:10:15

Atm I am wearing mostly tracky bottoms. I don’t know what the “style rules” are, think they were missed out of the XX chromosome pack I received at birth 😂

Dogwalks2 Sat 01-Aug-20 23:13:43

I’ve put a good 2 stone on lately putting me in the overweight group. Was out tonight for our first post lockdown meal and noticed 2 v overweight 20 something year olds in tight fitting dresses and thought they looked great but as a 50 year old I wear what’s suitable to my standard.

Planetaryexplorer Sat 01-Aug-20 23:33:18

I like to look nice but my day to day lifestyle is not conducive to making effort. Today I have worn tracksuit bottoms (albeit sweaty betty), sweatshirt and trainers. I've been for a run and walk with the dogs and cooked and cleaned all day so was absolutely filthy by the end. So whilst I like to look nice most of the time I couldn't really give a shit and generally end up looking awful anyway.

RonaldMcDonald Sun 02-Aug-20 04:41:25

I have a v strict wardrobe for work - v austere, through choice
Then home is like an Ibizan yoga hippy

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