Clinique-suitable for over 40s?

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stayathomer Fri 31-Jul-20 19:30:04

I've just turned 40 and have skin that takes a lot of hard work, having roseacea and dry skin. I tried clinique's moisturizer for redness but it didnt really do anything for me. I've since gotten the redness mostly under control with a mixture of diet, hydration, Roche posay and avene(which d ok the job but I don't love them if you know what I mean), but I still have it in my head I'd love to try Clinique. Are moisture surge or dramatically different for younger skin? Has my time passed?

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Tatapie Fri 31-Jul-20 22:23:48

I'm 48 and love the smart repair serum and moisture surge 72 hour and overnight moisturisers.

stayathomer Fri 31-Jul-20 22:53:36

Thanks! Will look them up!

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WehIstMir Fri 31-Jul-20 23:18:22

I have used Clinique products for much of my adult life and found many of them pleasant and effective whatever age I was. I stopped buying them for ethical reasons (animal testing as they sell in China where it is required by law) but I rate Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm (lasts for ages), Moisture Surge Sheertint Hydrator (moisturises and evens out skin tone when you don't want to wear a heavier foundation) and Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion for dry skin (but found the various serums that you can buy with it unimpressive). All are certainly suitable for 40+.

anonacatchat Fri 31-Jul-20 23:20:25


Dr Sams

Give Clinique a swerve

Alvertan Fri 31-Jul-20 23:22:15

Another vote for the smart repair serum. Best serum I’ve ever used, on my third one.

ChequerBoard Fri 31-Jul-20 23:23:34

Not a Clinique fan, I find themvery harsh products that my skin does not react well to at all.

Dermalogica, Skinceuticals, Elemis and Sisley are all much better brands that are effective yet kind to your skin.

DumpedByText Fri 31-Jul-20 23:28:16

I'm 51, and I've tried Clinique, Estee Lauder, Clarins and even Aldi products.

I've now found my favourite yet, Arbonne RE9. It's done wonders for my skin and I love it. It's pricey though but the rep is family so I get good deals!

stayathomer Sat 01-Aug-20 00:22:45

Thanks everyone will look into some of the other brands and possibly the clinique serum too (didnt know about the ethical issues so dont know)

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Fluffycloudland77 Sat 01-Aug-20 06:39:49

Tbh it never did much for me and they have sold out their ethics for the Chinese market like a lot of brands.

Take the day off balms palm oil too. You can buy palm oil for a few Quid a jar in Asda.

I’m not a fan of a lot of high end products though generally. I spent a flipping fortune on them in my twenties but look better at 43 🤨 because I took roaccutane & have a dermatica subscription.

teta Sat 01-Aug-20 14:46:13

I rate the make up as I don't react to it. My kids laugh at my adoration for chubby sticks😁.
I used to use the skincare but have switched to Cerave moisturiser and cleanser. I do use the Clinique Cleansing oil to remove make up first and really rate the cleansing balm too.
I do have rosacea too but find flax seed oil ( in diet) & Azelaic acid at night helps more than any skincare.

missyr38 Sat 01-Aug-20 15:24:18

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Coffeepot72 Sat 01-Aug-20 15:27:22

I am 51 and swear by Clinique, I have used the dramatically different moisturiser since my teens and I often get compliments on my skin

stayathomer Mon 03-Aug-20 07:31:19

Teta thanks for that, my friend recommended azaleic acid too. I ADORE chubby sticks. About 2 years ago they did a gift set with 6 in it and I still regret not buying it!

Fluffycloudland I must look them up, are they creams?

Missyr38 I think I might! Thanks

Coffeepot72 my friend swears by that but I always just wondered was she lucky ,(she has normal skin

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Fluffycloudland77 Mon 03-Aug-20 07:43:27

Dermatica is an online dermatologist.

Terralee Mon 03-Aug-20 15:07:42

Im 43 & use the Clinique smart repair serum.
It's expensive but very concentrated so you only need a tiny amount at a time.
I then use Boots No7 protect & perfect spf15 day cream but if I had the money I would like to try Clinique Smart Repair moisturiser to go with the serum.

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