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No7 Protect & Perfect Offer

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Sexnotgender Thu 30-Jul-20 21:25:58

Great offer on No7 right now! It’s my absolute holy grail, love the serum and eye cream.

It’s on 3 for 2 and also if you spend £30 on it you save £10 and spend £50 you save £15.

50ml serum should be £34, combining the offers I got 3 for £53 and also £7 or so in advantage card points.

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Flythedragons Fri 31-Jul-20 08:08:55

Thank you!

TheMumblesofMumbledom Fri 31-Jul-20 08:25:08

Ooh thanks. I'll stock up.

Sexnotgender Fri 31-Jul-20 08:34:41


Ooh thanks. I'll stock up.

I did😂 I did it in 2 separate orders. One with 3 serum and one with 2 eye cream and a serum to get me to the free delivery threshold.

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Sexnotgender Fri 31-Jul-20 08:35:51

Check your advantage card offers, I had a few useful ones to combine.

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