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Dermaplaning - how does it grow back?

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FourPerDozen Thu 30-Jul-20 13:35:13

I'm considering it, but really nervous.

I had plucked the odd hairs from my upper lip for years but this year I started waxing with hot wax. However, since doing that I seem to have some darker hairs.

I'm tempted to try dermaplaning round the side of my face as the hair is a little darker there (but not massively obvious), but I'm worried I'll end up with the same problem I had with waxing my lip.

Does it grow back the same? Quite blunt and therefore more obvious? Any regrets doing it?

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LuxuryWoman2020 Thu 30-Jul-20 13:40:01

Dermaplaning is really about the deep exfoliation, my hair grows back finely but yours because it's dark might be coarser. The hair isn't pulled out by the roots so grows back quickly but hair removal isn't really the point of it as much as removing dull skin. Maybe try a tiny patch first

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