What shower gels are you loving at the moment?

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Lottapianos Wed 29-Jul-20 22:37:42

I love the Body Shop shower gels but not buying anything from them for JK Rowling related reasons. Please could you share which shower gels you currently love? I have dry skin that's not sensitive, and love a strong scent, not hugely bothered whether that's fruity / floral / spicy/ whatever. Ta!

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Dreamingofsunnydays Wed 29-Jul-20 22:48:39

I totally love rose jam shower gel from Lush! 2 years on from when I first tried it and it is still THE BEST.

SpeckledyHen Wed 29-Jul-20 22:58:33

L’Occitane almond shower oil is wonderful . Expensive but a little goes a long way and the fragrance lingers along with its moisturising .

ChardonnaysPetDragon Wed 29-Jul-20 23:00:49

Not shower gel, I switched to soap because of plastic packaging, but L’Occitane bergamot and jasmine soap.

achickencalledberyl Wed 29-Jul-20 23:00:54


L’Occitane almond shower oil is wonderful . Expensive but a little goes a long way and the fragrance lingers along with its moisturising .

This smile

Though also the cherry blossom shower gel from L'Occitane is also very nice.

GinisLife Wed 29-Jul-20 23:02:35

E'Spa shower gel. Their shampoo & conditioner are lovely too

gower4 Wed 29-Jul-20 23:14:50

Palmolive is the best. Amazing quality for £1.

SpeckledyHen Thu 30-Jul-20 06:32:39


Not shower gel, I switched to soap because of plastic packaging, but L’Occitane bergamot and jasmine soap.

Thanks for the recommendation. I will try this when my almond oil is finished.

Dontslamthedoor Thu 30-Jul-20 06:36:20

Another vote for L'Occitane Almond shower gel followed by the body oil.

hollieberrie Thu 30-Jul-20 06:38:13

Soap! So much better for the planet and there are some really lovely ones. I have a L'occitane lavender one on the go currently.

Countmeout Thu 30-Jul-20 08:36:06

L’Occitane almond here too alternating with Korea’s Fig, like the lavender better but have run out. Planning on buying L’Occitane lavender when I run out. I have recently discovered more expensive shower gels and I don’t think I’ll go back.

Countmeout Thu 30-Jul-20 08:36:27

Sorry Korres that was 🤦‍♀️

2gorgeousboys Thu 30-Jul-20 08:57:16

Alternating between L'Occitane Verbena and Nuxe Prodigeux shower oil.

Lottapianos Thu 30-Jul-20 09:36:40

Ooh I forgot about Korres, thanks for reminder!

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Oly4 Thu 30-Jul-20 11:15:11

I also love Body Shop shower gels and can’t give them up.
But l’occitaine are lovely as are any of the Elemis ones that come in the Elemis bundles on QVC

Judystilldreamsofhorses Thu 30-Jul-20 11:50:43

I went off Korres at Christmas when I had flu and felt like I was never properly clean, but I do love the lavender one pp mentioned. I decanted a fig one that was in the cupboard into the bathroom handwash dispenser last week.

I currently have a huge Palmolive shower cream, which is something like milk and honey, and. Soaper Duper coconut one waiting in the wings.

Sooverthemill Thu 30-Jul-20 11:58:12

All the l'occitane ones especially the Shea butter one and the almond oil. I wait for discounts

thenightsky Thu 30-Jul-20 12:03:19

Badedas all the way for me.

Except when someone buys me L'Occitane for birthdays and Christmas.

Sairafina Thu 30-Jul-20 12:03:23

Another L'Occitane fangirl here! I'm currently using the Lavender one and it is DIVINE!
Whilst I hate to be the one talking about Christmas in July... they bring out an advent calendar every year with travel size shower gels/shampoo/moisturiser/hand creams/soaps etc. Because a little goes a long way it'll get you through at least 2-3 months and you can pick your favourite to buy in large size

Saurus72 Thu 30-Jul-20 12:11:51

Soaper Duper is lovely - either lemon or Pure Happiness (rose). Big bottles, plastic pump so that and the bottle are both recyclable, not expensive and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. I bought some Aesop shower gels as a treat and while they’re nice, they’re no better than Soaper Duper.

tiredanddangerous Thu 30-Jul-20 12:59:01

L'occitaine almond here too! Smells lovely and leaves my skin so soft.

ShinyRuby Thu 30-Jul-20 13:23:11

I'm the same re Body Shop.
I've just found a Nivea shower gel that smells exactly like the sun cream. Really fresh, a little goes a long way & just £1 in Wilko at the mo

ihatethecold Thu 30-Jul-20 14:29:36

i've started using shower foam recently. great for shaving legs as well as washing.

i've always found that Korres doesn't smell of much

MrBennsshop Thu 30-Jul-20 14:34:32

Soap user here, am surprised that shower gel is so popular still, given there's a perfect alternative which doesn't come in a plastic container. L'Occitane or any olive oil soap.

AuntieDolly Thu 30-Jul-20 14:41:41

I'm not spending more than £1 on shower gel. I like the ones that smell like sweeties by imperial leather

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