Itchy not flakey scalp recommendations?

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AlexisOnFire Wed 29-Jul-20 12:08:23

Something is making me itch confused

We haven't changed washing powder and I'm using the same products as always. I've developed a rash on my body, particularly on my neck which is drying up. It's driving me mad, especially at night.

Our local pharmacy is closed for lunch now, later today I'm going to get some Betnovate cream for my body.

I'm taking antihistamines yet still I itch!

My scalp is itching too, I don't have any dandruff.

What's the best product you've found to ease an itchy scalp? If you know of anything that stops your body from itching that would be helpful too.

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abstractzebra Wed 29-Jul-20 12:25:42

The only shampoo that doesn't make my head itch (I'm a generally itchy person 😳) is Alberto balsam blueberry. It's really cheap and available in Tesco. About a pound.
I've tried loads over the years!

AlexisOnFire Wed 29-Jul-20 12:51:20

That sounds good absractzebra. I'm glad you've found someone that helps you. Is it perfumed? I'm asking because I think I've had an allergic reaction to something and I don't want to make it worse smile

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abstractzebra Wed 29-Jul-20 13:57:29

It is perfumed and probably nothing special about it but it seems to work!

Nymeriastark1 Wed 29-Jul-20 14:06:00

The ginger shampoo from the body shop works really well. I suffer with psoriasis, it's the only thing I've used that basically got rid of it. Even prescription stuff didn't work. Definitely worth trying.

Todaywewilldobetter Wed 29-Jul-20 14:18:47

The TGel therapeutic with coal tar helps my KP skin on my arms when I use it on my scalp! It obvs drips down my body as I rinse!

Caveat: my scalp won't always tolerate tgel either. I have to alternate!

AlexisOnFire Wed 29-Jul-20 14:20:33

Thank you both of you.

Have you ever tried any of the Tea Tree stuff like Australian Bodycare? Or something like the Phillip Kingsley or Michael Van Clarke scalp treatments?

I used DH's Head & Shoulders on my hair this morning, it was great while my hair was wet but as soon as it had dried it was itching again. So I was thinking that one of the treatments that soaks in and keeps my hair fairly damp might be the answer until whatever this is has passed?

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abstractzebra Wed 29-Jul-20 14:34:20

What about massaging in some olive oil to soothe it overnight? A tiny bit but rub it right in.
If my scalp is really itchy, I take antihistamines and rub a bit of my normal body moisturiser into my scalp.

Whatevernext1 Wed 29-Jul-20 14:44:44

I find Aveda Rosemary and mint really good for this. On another note I also find it makes my hair grow quicker when used continuously.
I hope you find something that works for you.

stepbackfromthecircles Wed 29-Jul-20 14:47:11

Have you checked for nits?

AlexisOnFire Wed 29-Jul-20 16:39:54

grinI'm itching all over my body. Our adult DCs have left home, me & DH haven't been close enough to anyone else since March, DH is bald, we're both WFH and neither of us have been near to anyone else since March. I think we can rule out both nits and pubic lice grin

The olive oil is a great idea abstractzebra, that sounds really soothing right now.

Aveda Rosemary and Mint Shampoo sounds lovely Whatevernext1 even if it doesn't work for my hair it would be a treat.

I saw the pharmacist who recommended Eurax cream. When I got home I applied it as per instructions and it burned like hell so I called the GP and I've got an urgent blood test first thing tomorrow to check my liver function.

Please keep the scalp treatments and shampoos coming. I could do with some cheering up now.

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daysofpearlyspencer Wed 29-Jul-20 16:45:16

Do you have Seborrhoeic (geriatric) warts on your back? these are really itchy but harmless and also grow on your scalp making it itch at night. Its an age related thing so you maybe too young. They can be removed.

CloudsCanLookLikeSheep Wed 29-Jul-20 16:50:02

I have an itchy scalp! There's no one answer to make it go away completely IME but over the years I've found the following work well

Moogoo (scalp cream and shampoo)
Body shop ginger shampoo
Philip Kingsley itchy flakey
Eucerin calming urea shampoo

I have been prescribed Nizoral in the past but it's quite harsh

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 29-Jul-20 16:50:05

Ha! Sounds like me when I developed a milk allergy aged 27. The otc anti histamines had lactose in them so the gp prescribed stronger antihistamines.

AlexisOnFire Wed 29-Jul-20 17:15:30

No warts. Aside from this rash I've got good skin, not blemished or anything like that.

I'm far more concerned that there might be something wrong with my liver. I don't even drink, I stopped a couple of years ago, I've never really liked it and I didn't intend to stop but I've never been a drinker at home and I just haven't bothered for ages. I'm sure I'll drink alcohol again in the future, it's just that I haven't done for a while.

That's a good list CloudsCanLookLikeSheep, I'll check out the reviews and buy the ones I fancy.

I've been taking prescription antihistamines Fluffycloudland77 I'm prescribed them for hay fever so I've been taking them since the itching started without effect.

The GP suggested that I have a bath and slather myself head to toe in moisturiser, I can do that.

Has anyone else had any joy with medicated hair products or tea tree?

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TheCanyon Wed 29-Jul-20 17:23:39

I feel your pain. Shampoo with any sort of perfumes is a no go for me, i stupidly used the dc new herbal essences last night cause it smelt sooo good, scalp is burning today.

The only thing that remotely helps is betnovate scalp oil for me.

TheTeenageYears Wed 29-Jul-20 19:16:40

My DS went through a few years as a teenager with itchy scalp. Using a natural shampoo with no perfume, SLS, paraben's etc worked. We tried T-gel but that was too strong.

stepbackfromthecircles Wed 29-Jul-20 19:27:18

Glad you can rule out pubic lice grin

Have a look at the stuff that The Ordinary does. Maybe some skin oil would work. I have used the hair oil on my daughters hands as they were red raw and looked like she was wearing gloves. It worked wonders.

Also, maybe some o'keefes for the skin. It is called working hands but I'm sure it would work on the body. A little of that goes a long way.

Ridingthegravytrain Wed 29-Jul-20 19:53:39

Have you been eating a lot of strawberries lately? For some reason this year strawberries are bringing me out in rashes/hives

BrandNewShinyThings Wed 29-Jul-20 20:03:00

Alphosyl shampoo helps my itchy scalp, I use it twice a week. It is coal tar based and a bit stinky! But it does work.

veryverytiredmummy Fri 31-Jul-20 18:08:27

I'm going to second stepbackfromthecircles sorry.
Sounds very like it could be nits. Rash on back if neck frequent sign. Worth giving the shampoo a go the once anyway it left my hair lovely and shiny!

claireyjs Fri 31-Jul-20 20:45:38

TGel shampoo is amazing. Definitely recommend it

leannetta Fri 31-Jul-20 21:03:17

I too had developed a really itchy neck and flakey skin on my face around my ears and in my hairline. I’m allergic to heaps of stuff do don't tend to change things that I use.

Was also taking antihistamines. It was driving me mad!

Then, five or six days ago I was asked to try some Vit D3 on a trial panel malarkey. And the itching and flaking has definitely improved. Not completely gone... yet.

So I wonder if I was lacking in sunshine during lockdown and these have topped me up. Might be worth a try?

CurbsideProphet Fri 31-Jul-20 21:03:33

I get seborrhoeic dermatitis and have a regularly prickly scalp. At the moment I use a tea tree shampoo from Giovanni hair care and the Philip Kingsley itchy scalp solution.
All of the tar shampoos / T Gel etc just make it sore.

TheEmojiFormerlyKnownAsPrince Fri 31-Jul-20 21:15:49

I’ve tried them all. Expensive, cheap, medicated.

The biggest suprise was Head and Shoulders itchy scalp shampoo followed by Nizarol.

Moo goo, Philip Kingsley, T Gel, Bodyshop ginger, made no difference at all. None.

I find also if l do t blow dry my hair it itches like mad,

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