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For those of you who shaved your head at the start of lockdown..

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SuperPixie247 Wed 29-Jul-20 10:17:19 is it looking now? Is the regrowth a massive PITA or have you decided to keep it short?

I was seriously contemplating it but now I am not so sure

Thanks smile

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barberousbarbara Wed 29-Jul-20 10:25:14

I didn't shave my head but my hair is growing back following chemo therapy. It's much easier to deal with than long hair. Quicker to wash, dry and style.

Everyone has been complimenting me on how such short hair suits me. I do want to grow mine out but I seem to be developing unruly chemo curls, so we'll see how we get on.

slug Wed 29-Jul-20 10:34:58

I've had my hair in a close crop for many years now. After 2 months of lockdown I cracked and bought clippers. It's not as good as my professional cut but I'm going to keep doing it myself for the foreseeable future.

DefinatelyAWeeGobshite Wed 29-Jul-20 18:34:48

I’ve clippered my hair 3 times now since May to keep on top of the mullet. Haven’t cut it since the start of June though as I’m wanting to grow it out more and then have it reshaped at the hairdressers around September time.

It’s grown really quickly though and it definitely well on its way to the mullet stage!! If it wasn’t for the fact I want to grow it out I’d be happy to continue cutting it at home.

DefinatelyAWeeGobshite Wed 29-Jul-20 18:35:16

Since *March

dodgeballchamp Wed 29-Jul-20 18:40:21

I loved it so much I shaved it again when it had grown to about a couple of inches. I can’t see me ever going back to having hair! The growing out process was fine, it grew naturally into a short pixie but I’ve got thick hair that grows fast

SuperPixie247 Wed 29-Jul-20 18:49:44

@dodgeballchamp and @slug thats ace and where I think I end up!

@DefinatelyAWeeGobshite hmmm not heard about the mullet face hmm

@barberousbarbara it is much easier which is also a temptation!

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