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Supportive bra for big boobs without underwire

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user1471530109 Tue 28-Jul-20 14:10:45

Hi all. I am after quite a niche find and I've tried loads of different bras and getting nowhere.

I have a frozen shoulder. I can't do up a bra at all. I've been getting away with wearing unsupportive crop tops over lockdown. But now I'm venturing out, I feel indecent. I have 36GG chest (to be honest I think this needs tweaking to a 38G after lockdown). I've just bought a sloggi zero feel bralette top and it's just useless. I fall out of it and the straps fall down.
I've also tried various designs off figleaves (even forward clasp) and they don't fit one way or the other. I think the big boobs are the issue. Without a back clasp they just don't have the support.

Any ideas? I've even started wearing two bras at once to get more support. But it is just not comfortable.

Back at work in a few weeks and I teach secondary. I need something quite desperately! But like I said, I can't manage a normal style. I've tried wearing my old bras by doing them up at the front and twisting them round and whilst I manage it eventually, it is such a struggle with a frozen shoulder that I end up in tears and a sweaty mess. I have no partner so no one to ask for help.


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dementedpixie Tue 28-Jul-20 14:14:43

There was a similar thread recently. There is a front fastening glamorise bra on amazon that was in bigger sizes

PearsMorgan Tue 28-Jul-20 14:14:48

You can get front fastening sports bras - try boobydoo. They are not delicate little lacy things but could work.

VictoriaBun Tue 28-Jul-20 14:14:57

On another thread a lot of people were raving about a Playtex Doreen bra. Apparently it's been around since Eve and is very old fashioned but the support is supposed to be very good.

user1471530109 Tue 28-Jul-20 14:20:19

I think the Doreen bra is back fastening? Happy to be told I'm wrong.

Just looked at the glamorise bra on Amazon. Thanks, they do have a 38G. Might give it a try. Another £35 though. I find with bras that when you first put them on they feel fine then after a day you realise they are unsupportive and uncomfortable. Then it's too late to return. Just sick of wasting money.

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user1471530109 Tue 28-Jul-20 14:21:53

Pears one I've tried recently is a front fastening sports bra. Although I think I've got the wrong side because it squashes my books down uncomfortably. I will have a look for boobydoo.

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dementedpixie Tue 28-Jul-20 14:22:44

Boobydoo is the website - has a wide variety of sports bras

Makegoodchoices Tue 28-Jul-20 14:25:09

I’ve had a few of the M&S sports bras with the front zip - absolutely love them but they don’t last long - zip falls off after a while.

user1471530109 Tue 28-Jul-20 15:29:59

Thanks everyone. I've ordered a couple of glamorise front fastening ones to try flowers

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