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Uniqlo stopped making their perfect crop top

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NotHotPot Mon 27-Jul-20 21:13:01

Does anyone know of a crop top with padding, suitable for a very petite 12yo, with thick straps?

Uniqlo did an amazing one (the AIRism bra top in age 9-10) but have now stopped. They’re still selling the equivalent vests, but that’s no use for the summer. It has to have the padding (deals with sensitivity issues) and thick straps (she hates thin ones). I’ve looked at Next, M&S and Amazon and haven’t found anything.

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YouStupidBoy Tue 28-Jul-20 07:47:05

Jockey might have something suitable.

YouStupidBoy Tue 28-Jul-20 07:49:58

Sorry; just noticed she is age 12 and petite (I read size 12 initially!!!); don't think they would go small enough.

NotHotPot Tue 28-Jul-20 08:00:41

Thanks, but she’s not in to women’s sizing yet - mostly age 10-11 clothes.

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 28-Jul-20 18:57:48

I don;t know if yiou've tried "Pink" (Victoria Secret Pink)

My DD is 18 now and when she said she wanted to look there (because her friends did of course) I was all over my dead body thinking it was an adult shop.

The 'Pink' range has some nice sporty type 'College Girl' pieces .
Not cheap but it is well made , washes and wears well.

Not sure about the sizes if an XS would be small enough . (My DD is a 6-8 in most ranges , she buys XS there )

NotHotPot Tue 28-Jul-20 20:23:37

I’ve had a look, and one of their bralettes looks ok (though she may object to the lace) but I think she’d need an XXS, and they don’t go that small. But I will remember it for when she grows a bit.

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