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IL Miyake foundation, anyone got it/tried it??

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MrsTumbletap Sun 26-Jul-20 21:11:57

Keep seeing ads on Facebook claiming this is the best foundation ever and the videos of the women applying it looks amazing, but is it all nonsense?

Just did the question section and it says it's 'found' my perfect colour. It's £36 and I don't usually spend that much on foundation, so would love some opinions from real people not fake reviews.

Anyone got it?

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Hotmess1 Sun 26-Jul-20 22:30:59

I tried this - colour match was good but it was super thick coverage, think thicker than Estée Lauder double wear! And I have fairly oily skin but for me the coverage was way too thick. Not how it looked on the ads ☹️ If you’re happy to spend that much on a foundation (which I am) and your skin is on the oilier side I would really recommend armani power fabric 😊

MrsTumbletap Mon 27-Jul-20 11:45:08

Thank you.

When you go through the coverage options did you select full coverage? I am thinking medium but might try your suggestion.

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