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Uniqlo yoga pants, alternative to SB ones found

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damnthatanxiety Sat 25-Jul-20 18:11:29

I had some of these. i found them plasticky and not the lovely slightly peachy feel of SB

DoraemonDingDong Sat 25-Jul-20 18:04:35

So in lockdown, I've been wanting more comfy clothes and had tried the much rated Sweaty Betty Garudasana/Gary (?) Yoga pants but just didn't get on with them.

The sizing was off (too loose or too tight = camel toe) even though the short length was good for my 5ft2". They went back, couldn't justify keeping them at that price/ not good fit.

However I've just bought Uniqlo active wear trousers and they're perfect.

These have a little cuff around the ankle, pockets, adjustable waist ties (which the SB ones didn't, I think) and even the seam above the bottom across the back. They bunch ever so slightly at the ankle, because I'm quite short, but acceptable. And a much better price point IMHO at £19.90.

I also bought a cropped version in the Uniqlo sale, which are also lovely, just slightly shorter with no cuffing. I just thought I'd share alternatives for the yoga pants lounge wear lovers.

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