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Long hair

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Splendidsunrise Thu 23-Jul-20 23:31:46

Whoever gave the tip about not shampooing all your hair if it was long I thank you very much

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ButtonHogger Thu 23-Jul-20 23:39:01

Which part should we be shampooing?

MissHemsworth Thu 23-Jul-20 23:40:03

Ooo I would also like to know more about this tip.

Thesuzle Thu 23-Jul-20 23:43:55

Shampoo the scalp, and let the rinse water flow through the lengths i believe

Splendidsunrise Thu 23-Jul-20 23:49:30

Yes you are absolutely right Thesuzle
I don’t post often so I’m sorry that I don’t know how to highlight your name.

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LadyGAgain Thu 23-Jul-20 23:50:23

And only conditioner the hair that hangs below the neck.

Splendidsunrise Thu 23-Jul-20 23:52:41

Then put conditioner on but still keeping all your hair straight not bunched up on your head

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ButtonHogger Thu 23-Jul-20 23:54:13

I'll have to try this, thank you! What does it result in?

Splendidsunrise Thu 23-Jul-20 23:54:45

Ah I put conditioner on all of my hair but it’s probably try and error

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Splendidsunrise Thu 23-Jul-20 23:59:06

Well the result I have is lovely soft ends that I wouldn’t even think about having trimmed . They are waved now instead of just being there if you know what I mean

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roundandsideways Fri 24-Jul-20 00:34:26

I e always done this. I thought everyone washed their hair like that.

IwishIhadaMargarita Fri 24-Jul-20 01:17:25

I do reverse conditioning. I condition my hair first then clip it up while I shower then
Wash my hair at the end. First wash goes on without rinsing conditioner and saving wash as normal. Hair is conditioned without being overloaded.

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