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Tevas? Sandals for walking/beach?

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Elloello Thu 23-Jul-20 19:16:47

something i can get wet on the beach, but also be comfy on a long walk. A practical but stylish shoe if that is even possible. Ivd had tevas years ago that lasted and lasted but im wondering if the newer fashionable ones are as good.
Also don't want to invest if they are to be cast out in a year or so for looking oh so dreadful!
I like some of the patterned ones but fear they can drift further into the potential for unstylish on someone who is not 6ft, size 8 and 20 years old....grin
Advice appreciated!

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Coronilla Thu 23-Jul-20 19:34:32

I bought some Teva Tirra's recently, specifically for long walks in the country/hills as my walking boots are too hot in this weather. I have to say I'm thrilled with them - extremely comfortable, surprisingly supportive, really good grip and they don't rub at all. As far as walking sandals go, I think they're also pretty good looking. However, I did buy them for practical reasons so I'm not sure I'm the right person to comment on how fashionable they are!

fizzpopbang123 Thu 23-Jul-20 21:43:59

I put my Teva universal originals in the washing machine in a net bag on a cool wash and they come out like new. Even the all white ones. So I would say they are a good shout for beach shoes.

Elloello Fri 24-Jul-20 09:33:09

Thanks, im more thinking about how they will look now. Its walking a fine line with these type of sandals. I like my birkenstock arizonas but I cant really get them wet. I need something reliable and beachy. Something that's generally good for the outdoors and camping without simply reverting to crocs...

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ThanksItHasPockets Fri 24-Jul-20 09:46:47

I love my Tevas. Saltwaters are very stylish and great on the beach but I find that they aren’t very supportive for longer walks.

Cecily75 Fri 24-Jul-20 09:55:57

Thanks for this thread OP, I've been eyeing up Tevas but I don't know if they'd be supportive enough. Where is that last multi-strap pair from please?

I'm a big fan of Birkenstocks too, but like you, wouldn't want to get them wet.

Buggedandconfused Fri 24-Jul-20 18:05:40

I bought Teva Samborn sandals for walking and I love them. They’re a bit more ergonomic than the regular Teva’s.

Buggedandconfused Fri 24-Jul-20 18:06:55

Teva’s are also now madly fashionable

MikeUniformMike Fri 24-Jul-20 18:09:12

The plastic birkenstocks?

I was going to say crocs as they are great on the beach and for camping.

fizzpopbang123 Fri 24-Jul-20 18:23:50

Of the three you posted, the midform universals are the only style that has any fashion currency if that's what you mean by fine line. The other two are nice, but only in a practical sense. No rhyme or reason to what's on trend is there?

Birkenstocks EVA are a good shout for camping and beach. Perfect for damp morning grass and dashing to the loo or washing up station, and you can wear them in the shower if it's not super clean. I'd go for Arizonas, then you can wear socks with them in the evening. Camping chic. Only thing, I can walk a long way in them but I wouldn't do a proper hike on uneven ground or ton of kms in them if you were a serious walker, but I could with the Tevas. That is what they're for.

Buggedandconfused Fri 24-Jul-20 18:26:56

I got these.

Look as fashionable as the plainer soles ones, but thinner & more grip.

Elloello Fri 24-Jul-20 20:15:13

Yes the eva birks are really good actually. Just thinking about having them tied on to your feet iyswim!

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Elloello Fri 24-Jul-20 20:16:15

the third ones are teva dorados. Actually I tend to prefer them to the others I think. Even the midform could look a bit too clumpy on me potentially.

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BikeRunSki Fri 24-Jul-20 20:25:01

I have these Keen water and walking sandals. They are insanely comfortable, supportive for walking on rough/steep/loose/muddy/sandy ground and brilliant in water. They dry out quickly. I think they are a good example of beauty being in the eye of the beholder.

ultrababy Fri 24-Jul-20 20:53:36

I have just bought these from fitflop in the sale. So comfy

Squiz81 Fri 24-Jul-20 23:07:20

I had a thread on Tevas a couple of weeks back as I’d ordered some Teva universals and they just didn’t seem to work on my feet (they looked huge and rubbed on one of the connections) I eventually got the Teva sanborn and they are so comfortable!! I think you have to be mindful of what you wear them with if you want them to look stylish, but I’d definitely recommend them. I think the patterned ones are great!

Elloello Sat 25-Jul-20 15:40:39

In the end I actually preferred the second ones. The last ones are really narrow around the forefoot and so they could get pretty uncomfortable on a hot sandy beach! The soles are that kind of foam material and I'm not sure how easily they'll just wear down tbh. They arent really 'proper' walking sandals that I could go on trails, but i am really struggling to find some stylish but tough enough to last. My old walking tevas eventually wore out after years and years. They had a diagonal strap across the forefoot rather than at the side on the universal styles, i would buy them again in a heartbeat, they were like old friends.

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nanbread Sat 25-Jul-20 17:02:02

I love my Teva original Universals and they are so comfy and seem hard-wearing (only a year old) - however if I'm going to get my feet properly wet it's Saltwaters all the way. Tevas are still wet hours later, whereas Saltwaters seem to dry really quickly especially in good weather. Not so comfy walking in, but I can do a couple of miles in them. They are also nearly 5 years old and look as good as new.

I'd probably wear Tevas, but carry Saltwaters in my bag!

PlanDeRaccordement Sat 25-Jul-20 17:10:07

I used to wear Tevas. They are great sandals.
However, I find I prefer Keens now because they have toe protection and stay on my feet better in the ocean.

BurlingtonBlue Sat 25-Jul-20 17:21:22

I just got these reef convertible sandals after looking at the Teva options and deciding they were not quite right for me.
I think they tick the same retro box without being quite so “on trend” as Tevas. They are super comfy and practical. (They are unisex and come in women’s sizes although they are described as men’s).

fairydustandpixies Sat 25-Jul-20 17:41:08

Fitflops. All day long!

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