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Dyson- airwrap or supersonic dryer?

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justkeepswimming2 Thu 23-Jul-20 14:38:56

Can't decide between the supersonic dryer or the airwrap styler! My hair's pretty heat damaged from years of crap blowdryers and very frequent straightening. It's shoulder length, fine, and pretty frizzy if I don't blow dry & style it.
Has anyone got either and can review?

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Thinkle Thu 23-Jul-20 16:16:30

I’ve just bought an Airwrap this week based on a thread here. Got it from Dyson and 12 months interest free credit through PayPal.
I have fine but plentiful chemically treated shortish hair and I went for the airwrap because it had more going on. For me the dryer function is more than enough, better than my existing high wattage hairdryer. I rough dry with that then use the smoothing brush to finish. Takes no time at all. I’ve tried the curling bits but my hair is too short. Hope that is helpful

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