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Best tinted moisturiser / bb cream with spf 25

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bravotango Wed 22-Jul-20 23:13:37

I actually really like the Olay one - it's really cheap and does the job. I just use a translucent powder on top, whole morning face takes about 2 minutes.

Flimflamfloogety Wed 22-Jul-20 23:07:22

No 7 BB cream is okay, but can be a bit greasy at times. If you have fair skin you may find the lightest shade is still too dark.

My personal fave is bareMinerals complexion rescue tinted moisturiser. It's non greasy and blends really well. Gives you a bit of a glow without being cakey.

Twobigsapphires Wed 22-Jul-20 23:00:45

Boots number 7 is good. I use the one for oily skin though even though my skin isn’t oily to stop any shine.

pregnancydiet Wed 22-Jul-20 22:56:56

Honestly, there's just no way I'd apply 2 products for my face everyday so I figure 1 with spf is better than nothing.
Most days I wear nothing on my face at all these days.

Thanks for the link.

Maybe I should get an spf 50 product then if I'm likely to not use enough, will do a tea spoon test tomorrow if i bother putting on make up.

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MehMehMeow Wed 22-Jul-20 22:49:22

OP as @emsyj37 said, you’ll need a separate SPF - relying on the SPF in cosmetics isn’t enough

Take a look at Emily Noels reviews of BB creams

My preference is Erborian CC cream - I think it gives me good coverage without being mask like It’s glowy but not shiny, nice colour, really impressed

emsyj37 Wed 22-Jul-20 22:45:10

The recommended amount of SPF product to apply to your face to get the advertised SPF rating is a quarter of a teaspoon. It's unlikely that you would want to apply that quantity of BB cream or tinted moisturiser so you might want to consider a separate SPF to get the protection you're after.

pregnancydiet Wed 22-Jul-20 22:40:34

Should have added, I'm almost 33 have normal skin type and have been using retinol hence the need for spf

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pregnancydiet Wed 22-Jul-20 22:38:06

Looking for a non greasy tinted moisturiser or bb cream with spf.

My skin tone is fair - neutral, I'm not pale and I do tan a golden colour.

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