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Fifilafrog Wed 22-Jul-20 22:15:00

Has anyone actually ever used one of those home dermaplaning thingies I keep seeing advertised on social media? The algorithms must have picked up on the fact that I am coming up to perimenopausal age and assuming (possibly correctly) that my face is getting hairier?! 😂

My question is, don't they just leave you stubbly? Will "peach fuzz" turn into a full on beard?!

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Confusedcorona Wed 22-Jul-20 22:19:46

I used mine for the first time today. I bought 6 for about £8 (the blade looks identical to my sisters £40 one)

It felt a bit plucky to use, but results are great! I usually get orange patches when i wear foundation- I am quite fair and hairy!
But today I was not patchy!

Fifilafrog Wed 22-Jul-20 22:26:40


I used mine for the first time today. I bought 6 for about £8 (the blade looks identical to my sisters £40 one)

It felt a bit plucky to use, but results are great! I usually get orange patches when i wear foundation- I am quite fair and hairy!
But today I was not patchy!

Oooh! Keep us posted! 👍🏻🤞🏼xx

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Needmoremummyjuice Wed 22-Jul-20 22:40:15

I love the ‘Hollywood browzer’ got it off Amazon. Makes makeup application much smoother and really easy to do!

Needmoremummyjuice Wed 22-Jul-20 22:41:27

Hair just comes back as peach fuzz I think it’s a bit of an old wives tale that’s it grows back thicker and darker and you don’t actually change the hair root!

thethoughtfox Wed 22-Jul-20 22:41:58

I paid £40 in a salon and was so disappointed with how fast the hair grew back. Your skin is pink and sensitive that day and super smooth for a week. The hair had grown back by the second week - not any hairier or rougher. Not worth paying all that money. But if you can recommend a good at home one, I would do this every two weeks.

dontgobaconmyheart Wed 22-Jul-20 23:25:55

Yes and it's been a personal (albeit small) nightmare hmm. Immediate results are brilliant. Skin is glowy,products sink in like a dream, make up applies like a dream.

It doesn't grow back thicker but it will grow back very quickly. I wouldn't go so far as to say there is 'stubble' but you can feel the regrowth when you touch your face as it grows back in. If you leave it it will grow back basically as it was although I do think mine has grown in a bit more enthusiastically.

Main issue for me was that both occasions I've done it, I got horrendous spots about a week after, even after comprehensively cleaning the face and all tools etc. Skin is still in a state 8 weeks after stopping with the marks etc. Saw a dermatologist and she said it was folliculitis rather than acne and to discontinue the dermaplaning. Gave an antibiotic. I'm hoping in time it will clear. It's tricky because they weren't 'spots' that could be popped so much as lots of hard lumps and an awful skin texture hmm. Never again!

Clickncollect Thu 23-Jul-20 09:40:15

I had a similar experience to @dontgobaconmyheart although I’m still struggling with the folliculitis and didn’t know I could get an antibiotic! My jawline and even going into my neck constantly has many pimples which I then aggravate and all in all the area is a mess.
Also, I have found that I have many more dark black stubbly hairs than I had previously so I really do dispute the claims when beauticians say it doesn’t. Maybe it’s ok for the majority and I’ve just been one of the unlucky ones but I bitterly regret messing around with something that is perfectly natural and should have been left well alone.
At the end of the day, there’s enough things that we like maintaining without adding female shaving to the list, which is basically what this is!

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 23-Jul-20 09:49:22

@dontgobaconmyheart I get that too. Rather be fuzzy than spotty.

Popc0rn Thu 23-Jul-20 10:15:54

I've done it every couple of weeks for past year or so. Hair grows back as the same peach fuzz. It does make me look "fresher". My boyfriend always notices when I've done it (he has no idea that I basically shave my face, but he always comments on my skin after grin).

I use the veet dermaplaning thingy:

Tbh I used an eyebrow razor before, and there's not a massive difference in results, but the veet thing is probably more gentle on the face. The facial oil they do is also very good, I slather it on before and after I've done it, face doesn't look pink next day.

Fifilafrog Thu 23-Jul-20 13:54:34

Thanks for all your interesting comments. Think, on balance, I’ll stick to the tweezers! I’m unlucky enough to still have teenage skin in my mid 40s so a beard and (even more) sporty/sore skin is perhaps not the way forward for me. The hype makes it seem soooo tempting though. Damn those clever marketing peeps! 🤯

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Clickncollect Thu 23-Jul-20 14:13:51

@Fifilafrog I think that’s a sensible decision. I’m 42 and I struggle with hormonal spots as it is so I’m gutted to now have this folliculitis issue to contend with at my age! I hoped that I could waft around make up free and with clear skin during this whole lockdown and although I’ve only worn makeup a few times, I do not have the clear skin at all! However I am pro-masks if not for the fact they cover up my problem areas! Every cloud and all that....

Fifilafrog Thu 23-Jul-20 14:45:10

Clickandcollect i love a silver lining! 😷😁

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