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Really dry hair help

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Mnhealth202020 Wed 22-Jul-20 15:19:51

I have been using a product from Phillip Kingsley here. It’s a protein blow dry spray, which says it can be used daily. I have been using it every 3 days (hair wash days) for a month.

My hair is very dry now, it was soft and shiny before. My ends feel like hay, they’re stiff and matt easily. I think my hair has been overloaded with protein thanks to this product, as nothing else explains the change in my condition? It hasn’t been coloured or excessively heat styled, this was the only change in my routine. The rest of my haircare products are not protein based.

Any tips on how to recover my hair? I’m actually worried my salon might refuse to colour my hair at my appointment due to the conditionsad

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slinkysaluki Wed 22-Jul-20 23:32:43

Soak it in coconut oil overnight and shampoo out next day. I have naturally very thick, coarse dry hair and it works for me.

I use Toni and Guy Catwalk Honey and oatmeal shampoo and conditioner and use a little coconut oil smoothed through when dry or Moroccan Oil is good but pricey

slinkysaluki Wed 22-Jul-20 23:34:36

Some people dont rate coconut oil but it works well for me. I buy Aldi organic coconut oil its only £1.70 for a good sized jar

HarrS79 Thu 23-Jul-20 06:25:35

I Agree with coconut oil I use this one from amazon

It's not the cheapest but is more hair and skin hair based but depends on what works best for you and what your happy with smile

pinkprosseco Thu 23-Jul-20 06:40:20

Try Lush hair and scalp treatment made from avocado, banana and basalmic vinegar. Or Bodyshop banana hair mask. Both really worked for me.

slinkysaluki Thu 23-Jul-20 07:07:48

Mayonnaise full fat is supposed to work too, not tried so cant confirm that

redferrari Thu 23-Jul-20 14:42:30

Coconut oil works well if you warm it up slightly. Leave it for 4/5 hours, has made a lot of difference to my hair in lockdown.
I also add a few drops after I blow dry my hair to dry bits.

Mnhealth202020 Thu 23-Jul-20 17:30:19

Thanks for all the advice, I actually got my hair cut today and she cut off way more than I wantedsadi guess the positive is that my dry ends are gone

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