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Nice looking trainers with decent cushioning

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INeedNewShoes Wed 22-Jul-20 10:24:38

Please help! I haven't got a clue where to start.

I'm flat footed, have narrow feet and have unusually thin padding on the soles of my feet (if only I could transfer some from my thighs...).

After a few years of slumming it a little I'm digging some of my day dresses out of the wardrobe. I used to wear these to work (casual office) with proper shoes but now I want to wear them just for pottering around so I'd like comfy, practical footwear.

I've got a pair of converse that almost look the part and are almost comfortable enough but really they're not good enough for walking more than a couple of miles and are a bit underwhelming style wise.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful! Budget £60ish.

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uncomfortablydumb53 Wed 22-Jul-20 15:26:44

I've been looking for the same thing, supportive and cushioned
Converse are too flat, as are Stan Smith's
I had a pair of vans style 106 major, years ago which were perfect Not sure if they still do them and can't afford to waste money!
The vans would fit your budget

uncomfortablydumb53 Wed 22-Jul-20 15:30:32

Just checked and they're available on lots of websites and I can vouch for them being narrow fit
Afraid I'm not tech savvy enough to link

chunkyrun Wed 22-Jul-20 15:36:29

Flat feet you need fitflops. They don't just do fitflops. Most comfortable shoes ever. I don't want to wear anything else now

YogiMatte Wed 22-Jul-20 15:51:22

Nike do children's sizes up to an adult size 6, in some cases same trainer but charging a lot less.
They generally are very cushioned.

May work if you have narrow Feet?

pawpawpawpaw Wed 22-Jul-20 16:49:20

I'm in the same boat, plus recently developed plantar fasciitis. Have worn Superstars for years and years, love the way they look and they're warm/dry in all weather but now they're too flat.

I wondered if a chunky trainer might be an alternative with a little height in the heel but turns out the heel is just deeper, so they rub on my ankle. Bought these and I like them - lots of arch support and a bit trendy - but so deep I'm not sure an insole will help. I'm trying to work it out.

beguilingeyes Wed 22-Jul-20 16:50:11

Fitflops FTW, is you want something a bit more basic, Keds are really comfortable.

HarrS79 Wed 22-Jul-20 17:07:37

My Flip flop trainers are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.

I've tried loads most just used to throw my back out but these are great smile

HuaShan Wed 22-Jul-20 19:37:32

Another vote for Fitflop trainers. They have sone funky colours at the moment. Your feet will thank you!

bluefoxmug Wed 22-Jul-20 19:40:51

rocket dog?

MikeUniformMike Wed 22-Jul-20 20:01:06

Fitflops for plantar fascitis. They have different styles.
Skechers are always recommended on here. Memory foam I think, and some of the styles are ok.

You could always try a running shop for something sportier and to have your gait analysed.

Converse provide no support.

FrogOfFrogHall Wed 22-Jul-20 20:58:10

I've just bought some Dr Scholls freestep from Amazon. They are brilliant, so supportive. I think they had to come from the US but arrived about 2 weeks earlier than they said they would!

pawpawpawpaw Wed 22-Jul-20 21:15:31

OP how do you feel about Birks, do the soles have enough give for you or do you find them too hard? I see they now do a leather trainer.

Anthilda Wed 22-Jul-20 21:21:40

Reebok are always comfortable

INeedNewShoes Wed 22-Jul-20 21:35:46

Thank you everyone!

I've got a few leads to follow here. I might order a couple of alternatives and see how I get on. Think I'll start with Vans and Skechers.

There are a couple of brands mentioned here that I've tried in the past and haven't found a good fit:
Fitflops sizing just doesn't suit me. In order to get a shoe long enough for my foot they are like boats - far too gappy around the top and sides of my foot.

Its difficult buying shoes online but I don't feel like going into a shoe shop and trying on is the right thing to do just now!

You could always try a running shop for something sportier and to have your gait analysed.

I have done this for running shoes with great success. Not that I run, but I use them for walking. New Balance are my favourite for comfort but the over-pronation trainers look crap with dressier outfits. I had to completely change the kind of footwear I was wearing a few years ago after developing stress fractures just from walking on pavements in ballet shoes so had my gait analysed then at a local shop and have been very sensible for a while. I'm hoping I can get away with something slightly less structured than a running trainer just for pottering around.

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LickYouLikeACrispPacket Wed 22-Jul-20 21:38:41

Air and grace trainers! Extremely comfortable and really lovely styles.

karmasic Wed 22-Jul-20 22:52:21

I use a padded insole, then I can wear most fashion trainers. I also alternate footwear from one day to the next, that seems to help with foot ache.

Justtryingtobehelpful Wed 22-Jul-20 23:23:04

Check out Dr. Martins sale section as they do trainers now too, super comfy

BornInAThunderstorm Wed 22-Jul-20 23:32:03

My skechers are so comfy I even use an old pair around the house as slippers

notasgreenasiamcabbagelooking Wed 22-Jul-20 23:36:46

I'd stay away from Van's if it's cushioning you're after - they're skater shoes so are actually pretty flat. Nike Air force 1 are the best I've found for my flat feet and they're a lot more stylish than sketchers (imho of course).

beguilingeyes Thu 23-Jul-20 06:42:16

If you develop a thing for Skechers, they're often to be found in TK Maxx

happylittletree Thu 23-Jul-20 06:46:23

@Anthilda I recently got some Reeboks and they had little to no arch support! Proceed with caution, OP!

megletthesecond Thu 23-Jul-20 07:02:47

Vans are flat, I don't think they'll help.

Nike Internationalist have decent support.

Imtoooldforallthis Thu 23-Jul-20 07:08:15

I've just bought some Adidas sleek trainers, fairly narrow, with cushioning.

XiCi Thu 23-Jul-20 07:11:45

I've just bought a pair of platform converse. They have very cushioned insoles. Was very pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they are

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