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What would you wear with these trousers?

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Spottybluepyjamas Wed 22-Jul-20 09:34:49

Hi all,

Just bought these trousers from All Saints - what would you wear with them? I initially thought something tucked in and tight like a leotard top, but I haven't got a super flat stomach.

I'm a size 10 and 5 foot 3 for reference... Both dressed up and down options very welcome!

Thank you!

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Mummyshark2018 Wed 22-Jul-20 09:39:57

A white vest top and a denim jacket with some gladiator type sandals

Ginfilledcats Wed 22-Jul-20 09:50:15

I'd wear a black and white striped T-shirt. Or a white T-shirt or blouse. Or black. All tucked in. It looks high wasted so if not got a flat stomach (how many of us have this mystical feature) should be fine!

Comfycotton Wed 22-Jul-20 09:57:52

Smart white or cream cami top tucked in with leather jacket and wedges or peep toe cut out boots for a smart look or for more casual a loose fitting v neck linen t shirt and white trainers with a blue denim jacket.

Spottybluepyjamas Wed 22-Jul-20 10:02:21

God, you're all good!! Thank you 😊

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evilharpy Wed 22-Jul-20 11:05:22

They're lovely! I bought a black and white sort of dalmatian spotty t shirt yesterday (from Tesco of all places for £3.50) that I'd wear with these.

Also have a smart silky sort of lavender coloured, long sleeved very plain top that I wear to work with cigarette pants in navy or black, reckon it'd look lovely with these.

Tempted to order a pair myself. They'd go lovely with my Nike Air Max pewter Theas. Or docs.

emma6776 Wed 22-Jul-20 18:18:34

I’d wear a plain black or white vest top and tan flat sandals.

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