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Please help Jeans. Flat butt, no hips, muffin top

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swearymary100 Tue 21-Jul-20 19:26:18

Please help me find some jeans.
I have pronounced tummy from 4 pregnancies, Caesarian, huge cysts, total hysterectomy BSO, surgical menopause. My tummy is a mess, but I also have the joy of a small, flattish arse & no hips. I know, attractive, huh?

I like distressed, boyfriend styles to wear with trainers (Golden Goose style). Size 14 on waist, 10-12 bum & hips. I'm tiny 5ft 1in, but I don't mind taking up or rolling up.

Everything I try has acres of fabric on the arse and hips area & too tight on waist.
If I size up to fit waist, jeans look like I could fit another person inside the bum area.

I need straight up & down, no cinched waist, no super high waist, & soft comfortable denim.

Topshop are too tight on waist, Zara are too small, White Stuff are vast, All Saints fine but hardly any boyfriend styles.

I had an ace pairs of Joe Jeans & 7 for all Mankind years ago. Budget is not really limited for the right pair.

I need to get out of hush joggers & really, really want some jeans.

Is there any hope of finding the right brand to fit my weird shape?

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MoltonSilver Tue 21-Jul-20 21:21:57

Oh I feel your pain. I've had all the same surgeries. Surgical menopause is a bitch. Boyfriend jeans haven't worked but have had some success with girlfriend jeans. At one point I decided to just throw money at the problem and try on wildly expensive jeans but they actually looked worse. So far I've had most luck with Mint Velvet. If you find a pair that's almost right maybe having them altered is the key.

peaceanddove Tue 21-Jul-20 21:43:25

We're the same shape, but I'm 5ft 7. Gap Best Girlfriend jeans are flattering as are Gap Real Straight jeans.

Merryhobnobs Tue 21-Jul-20 21:45:47

I am tall but with the same shape so keen to have an answer too, especially as I have worn through my only semi decent pair.

swearymary100 Tue 21-Jul-20 23:14:57

Thanks so much for your help...yup MoltonSilver surgical menopause is a bitch!! B12 vitamin patches have been a lifesaver.
Do the mint velvet ones come up true to size?
At least I can start trying some now! Thank you thanks

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MoltonSilver Wed 22-Jul-20 00:09:15

Yes, I've found them true to size. I hope you find something suitable.

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