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What do I need for a weekend in Paris?

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bobisbored Mon 20-Jul-20 22:25:23

Help! I'm going to Paris for a weekend with my new man. I've never been before and I don't know what to take. My usual style is casual, jeans and trainers.

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Belindabelle Mon 20-Jul-20 22:32:14


Seriously though Paris was far more casual than I had imagined. As ever on a city break you will walk for miles. I had planned dresses and kitten heels but wore jeans, blazer and comfy loafers.

didireallysaythat Mon 20-Jul-20 23:12:37

Face masks...

StarlightLady Tue 21-Jul-20 07:45:59

I used to live there. Casual is the norm with a few exceptions in the very expensive eateries.

As PP mentioned face masks; they are mandatory on the metro and in enclosed spaces.

If you are staying fairly central, you can walk to many places, so the key ingredient is comfy shoes. Trainers or flats are fine and Parisians often wear them with skirts and dresses.

I would opt for tops that go with skirt or jeans and a summer dress, maybe 2.

Oh, and new man? Contraception!!!! Enjoy.

schmalex Tue 21-Jul-20 09:40:51

I live in Paris. It's quite hot at the moment, so I'd wear dresses with flats. I think Parisians wear trainers less than Brits do. I feel more comfortable in sandals or brogues.
Second what everyone says about masks and flats. Masks are compulsory on the metro/bus, when you're circulating inside restaurants (e.g. going to the loo) and in shops. And it's best to walk where you can as the metro can get crowded.

bobisbored Tue 21-Jul-20 14:18:48

Thank you all!
I'm really excited. I think it's time for a bit of online shopping 😁

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bingohandjob Tue 21-Jul-20 15:03:32

Really comfortable shoes, great lipstick and nails - I'd go classic red, oversized sunnies, somewhere safe you can stash your money on your body, and I'd take an oversized neutral (I include animal print in this) scarf that reflects the season - linen for summer etc that you can chuck you shoulders if chilly or if very sunny. Personally, I took mix and match grey, white, silver and black neutrals to wear.


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