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£40 Wallis vouchers

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CromfordGreyhound Fri 17-Jul-20 20:11:59

Tonight I've ploughed my way through many floral frocks and ruffle tops on the Wallis website but inspiration hasn't struck.

I also have an actual Wallis store in easy reach over the weekend if anyone has spotted a must-have top/dress/jacket etc to make a useful addition to my wardrobe.

Not sure what item of clothing I want <don't need anything specific> so any pointers of a fab item you've spied gratefully received grin

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Mnhealth202020 Fri 17-Jul-20 20:42:07

I used to work for TOPSHOP which is part of the Arcadia group, vouchers can actually be used at any of the parent company’s brands so you aren’t restricted to just Wallis. Unless they’ve changed things,

CromfordGreyhound Fri 17-Jul-20 21:03:06

Ooh. thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of that.

Off to check the small print now!

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Mnhealth202020 Fri 17-Jul-20 23:07:43

No worries, just double checked and the policy is still in place!

We always had people with gift cards from the unpopular brands spend it at our brandgrin TOPSHOP has lots of other brands too, like converse etc so more options

CromfordGreyhound Sat 18-Jul-20 08:45:46

Managed to spend the voucher last night on Dorothy Perkins website.

So I have 2 pairs of shoes, 1 jumper & I top coming my way soon grin

Thanks again for the heads up-much appreciated!

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