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Alternatives to jeans

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Spottybluepyjamas Fri 17-Jul-20 19:47:38

Hi all,

I'm wondering what people wear as an alternative to jeans... I live in jeans - in the house (unless I'm wearing 'activewear'), to work, to the pub, etc etc. However, I'm late 30's now and think I need to look a bit smarter at times - I fell into the new mum trap and find it hard to get out of what feels comfortable, even if it doesn't look great anymore.

What do you think is the alternative to jeans and a t-shirt for someone who isn't used to dressing 'up', but wants to look a bit smarter - I'm around a size 10, with bigger thighs (I.e not fat thighs, but definitely not drainpipe legs!).

Any suggestions with what to wear with them as well would be amazing - I'm so out of touch these days!

Thank you smile

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sleepismysuperpower1 Fri 17-Jul-20 21:23:05

wide legged trousers are in fashion. I like these, and I also like the top they are styled with. I think you are meant to wear them with flat shoes (like converse) or chunky sandals

MynameisHappind Fri 17-Jul-20 21:37:14

Tea dresses, tunic dresses, in winter jumper dresses. Dresses look dressier than trousers.

jengles Fri 17-Jul-20 21:39:44

I bought these the other day and love them - am size 16 but carry weight round my middle/have slim (for my size) legs.

They have a few different leg lengths and there's a few other styles prob worth looking at too.

While their dresses up on the website, they dress down well too.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Fri 17-Jul-20 23:00:18

I am a pear shaped size 10, and wear cropped wide legs/culottes, midi skirts and dresses, and in winter often cords.

Jeans-wise I tend to wear a high waisted barrel/balloon leg, or Levi’s 501s, always with a tucked in top - even if it’s just a t-shirt for some reason it looks smarter tucked in.

Mermaidwaves Sat 18-Jul-20 09:12:31

I live in dresses, a lot of casual cotton or jersey tshirt style ones and you can wear tights in the winter. You just throw them on and because it's a dress I always feel nice, but they are equally comfy to lounge in too.

ladykuga Sat 18-Jul-20 09:45:11

I am in love with these. Cone in lots of colours and so comfy

Tomhollandswife Sat 18-Jul-20 09:58:39

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evilharpy Sat 18-Jul-20 12:02:53

I'm a pear shaped 12 (usually a 10 though) and wear chinos a lot. I have some in khaki and navy from Banana Republic. You can easily dress them up or down.

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