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Underwear - pants - comfy, no vpl --recommendations?

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SoTiredNeedHoliday Sat 18-Jul-20 09:40:05

i've gone for M&S no vpl ones

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Bluebell79 Fri 17-Jul-20 11:52:46

@SoTiredNeedHoliday I’ve always worn M&S cotton highlegs, found the microfibre make me sweaty, however my tummy pushes them down mostly if I wear a dress, I did try a bigger size and have the same problem. Recently bought the M&S cotton midis in my normal size and they are so comfortable don’t roll down, my bum doesn’t eat them and I don’t get sweaty. I buy the plain black ones, not sexy but I need comfort.

tiutinkerbell Fri 17-Jul-20 11:46:52

Pepe Jeans briefs - they are on ASOS reduced at the moment and are the comfiest, softest pants ever. I buy them for sleeping mostly but they are so comfy I have started to throw everything else out in favour of them.

StarlightLady Fri 17-Jul-20 11:32:53

M&S Brazillians! A nice range of colours, 3 for the price of 4, no multipacks where you end up with colours you don’t want/like. Stretch lace on the legs, a soft gossamer fabric and they move with you.

100% cotton has no stretch, hence, l suspect your discomfort.

ladybee28 Fri 17-Jul-20 10:42:37

I got a few packs of these recently and love them.

Not cotton, but stretchy and well-fitting and smooth. Very comfy.

Just looked and it seems they're out of stock on this particular style, but worth having a look around their other 'essentials' in case there's another option.

SoTiredNeedHoliday Fri 17-Jul-20 10:31:07

Are they breathable ? MoltonSilver

Any other suggestions?

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MoltonSilver Fri 17-Jul-20 08:47:14

M&S microfibre no vpl are my go to.

SoTiredNeedHoliday Fri 17-Jul-20 08:14:36

Hi All, I am in need for a new set of 'pants' what are the comfy ones to go for? I have 100% cotton but they are not comfy so before I go and spend again i'd love some advice.


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