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Wig or lessons?

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Theladyofshalot Mon 13-Jul-20 06:55:56

Hello everyone.

Backstory - medication and an illness a few years ago messed with my hair. It was always limp and thin but now if I put it up the width of the ponytail is that of the top of a small pinky finger. There is lots of it i've been told by hairdressers it's just super super fine. I was told to stay away from extensions but my hair is so fine you can see the clips anyway.

So, to my question. I have some really big events coming up and socialising (appropriately of course) I need to look really presentable. There will be photos, ugh. Would you pay for someone to show you how to style your hair or would you get a wig that looks like your hair but on its very best day.

I was all for styling, but getting volume in my hair and to stay is such hard work i'm not sure that i could get it to look awesome. However i'm worried having a wig would make me feel super self conscious?


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bettertimesarecomingnow Mon 13-Jul-20 07:20:09

You can get those hairband fake hair things - they have a very thin elastic strap that you then comb your own hair over

You could always wear a pretty hair accessory if you can see any part of the band

Theladyofshalot Mon 13-Jul-20 08:41:35

I've not seen a short haired version of them that will go with a layered short bob. (I went to a hair specialist a few years ago and one of the things to come out of it was a short low maintenance hairstyle that maximizes volume)

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BarbiesWorld Mon 13-Jul-20 08:59:08

Wig! Wig wig wig.

I can't say it enough.

I have trichotillomania and have tried every bloody style, hair piece and wig going.

Wigs are the best. If you get a decent human hair lace front and apply properly you can't tell its not your hair at all.

To but they're not cheap but you can buy all of the components for about 150-200 and sew it yourself. They're a game changer.

BradleyCooperwillbemine Mon 13-Jul-20 10:17:34

Try a hair topper. I bought one earlier this year and it is bloody fantastic. I've received loads of compliments, it looks really natural (it is actually a synthetic piece), its comfortable and every day is a good hair day. Quite life changing.

Theladyofshalot Mon 13-Jul-20 10:51:57

Thank you MN'S!

I have been flip flopping backwards and forwards on this one.

I did contact a local wig shop to help me - got right up to the point of booking an appointment and stalled. I will email them back today smile

Question - do you wear it all the time? does your OH/family/friends comment or even notice?

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Theladyofshalot Mon 13-Jul-20 10:54:07

@BradleyCooperwillbemine - could i ask who you bought it off? - It seems that a lot of online places are/could be scams, have poor reviews or at least have poor customer service. All of which had helped put me off.

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Theladyofshalot Mon 13-Jul-20 11:11:45

@BarbiesWorld - i'm looking for a mid range decent short bob. with your experience could you give me an idea of what that price range would be? (I know, how long is a piece of string right? )

I have about 300/400 saved - so my question is would that get me laughed out of the wig shop?

BTW just bit the bullet and left a message for an appointment.

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GemmeFatale Mon 13-Jul-20 12:53:51

Have you considered paying for a wash and blow dry/style on the day of your events? My step mum has hers done weekly (Well pre COVID19) and it’s not particularly expensive.

The right wig can be fantastic but I wanted to suggest a cheaper option. If you do go the wig route have a few practice runs. They’re surprisingly warm until you get used to them.

BradleyCooperwillbemine Mon 13-Jul-20 13:35:10

I went to a shop in Bolton. I had spent a lot of time researching wigs/toppers online, but I think you need to go to a shop and try on. The owner was lovely and spent about 2 hours with me. They see women with all stages of hair loss, due to different causes and also women who just want them for fashion. They will put you at ease and you will come out feeling wonderful. Go for it!

BradleyCooperwillbemine Mon 13-Jul-20 13:56:21

Just to mention, my topper cost about £160, I think. She showed me a synthetic wig and a real hair wig side by side and I couldn't tell the difference. Synthetic wigs do vary in quality enormously, there are some awful ones. Mine is a Jon Renau, which are good quality. A topper is much lighter and much less warm to wear than a full wig. It is very easy to forget you are wearing it. There are loads of videos on YT which are really useful.

enjoyingscience Mon 13-Jul-20 15:59:19

Wig. Easy win, and loads and loads of people wear them. Way more than you’d think.

MynameisHappind Mon 13-Jul-20 16:05:51

Blow dry will do fuck all when its thin. Wig and dont care about others noticing a difference, women put all sorts of unusual effort for big occasions like chicken fillets, hair extensions, teeth whitening, even clip on teeth, fake nails... its normal for hair to look different because most people have some sort of updo or a style they dobt usually wear day to day. Get a really good wig and youre set.

Theladyofshalot Thu 23-Jul-20 09:39:37

So i have been for my appointment at a very locally renowned wig shop. It was one part very impressed and one part disappointed.

Impressed – so many styles, so realistic and service by the lady to get the right match to my hair on a good day was second to none. I tried on loads and she had nothing but time to let me experiment.

People have genuinely not noticed the wig and just assume that I had a really good cut and colour. The lace hairline and the monofilament part looks hundred percent realistic.

Disappointed – The wigs are very very tight in that they slowly squeeze up the back of my head and feels like they are going to pop off the top of my head (this is with all the fastenings undone or done up - it doesnet make a diffrence). This creeping movement makes me anxious as the wig slowly moves up so that my hairline is visible. it lifts at the back too so had this weird baggy space in the cap.

In-store it obviously didn't seem a problem because I was not wearing it long enough for it to happen and the tightness felt secure rather than problematic. However now that I've been wearing it for a little while it's really putting me off. the first day I was elated as it looked so great but now im just worried that its moved.

Hesitant to call the shop as they have a huge disclaimer you have to sign on leaving that says that once you've left the shop that under no circumstances there will be no returns or refunds so I can't see that they will do anything.

I've ordered a wig grip in the hope that this gives me the reassurance I need to wear these absolutely fabulous wigs.

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BradleyCooperwillbemine Thu 23-Jul-20 13:44:05

I'd give her a ring and make another appointment to chat over possible solutions. I'm sure there will be something that can be done. Don't sit and seeth about it - you've spent a lot of money.

Theladyofshalot Thu 23-Jul-20 14:56:45

@BradleyCooperwillbemine I promise i will if the wig grip doesn't work smile

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