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things youd liek to buy but you knwo youll never wear( sahms spec)

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codswallop Fri 28-Sep-07 12:08:25

sweater dresses

Twiglett Fri 28-Sep-07 12:08:59

patent high heels

NineUnlikelyTales Fri 28-Sep-07 12:09:51


codswallop Fri 28-Sep-07 12:09:55

oh yes
adn a woolen long coat( like th magazines alwyas say we must buy but they forget theyare thinkign of folk who worka nd get trians and wlak - in London whereas most other folk just bung a coat in the back of the car)

Gobbledigook Fri 28-Sep-07 12:10:12

Oh Twig - I have patent high heels and have been wearing them on nights out the past month = get some!!!

Bought a dress last night in Fat Face - will look lovely with boots or even over jeans. Wore jumper dress over jeans last night - they are easy to wear!

Gobbledigook Fri 28-Sep-07 12:10:43

Agree re coats - seen lots of lovely smart coats but no good for school run really. ONly worth it if working.

codswallop Fri 28-Sep-07 12:10:59

yes so when oyu go out? how often IS that?
anwyay fark orf oyu work

Twiglett Fri 28-Sep-07 12:11:10

the entire hobs collection of shoes generally

codswallop Fri 28-Sep-07 12:11:25

i HATE HATE HATE Dresses over trews
smacks of indecision to me

themoon66 Fri 28-Sep-07 12:11:45

90% of my wardrobe is made up of stuff I did buy and never wear sad

Twiglett Fri 28-Sep-07 12:12:26

take that back just had a look at the hobbs site

Carmenere Fri 28-Sep-07 12:14:40

I have tons of high heeled shoes that I would have worn pre dd but are out of the question now. What I mean is that I see a fab pair of vertiginous heels, I buy them thinking that I will waer them on a night out. And when I am getting ready for a night out, I try them ona nd realise that there is no way that I will be able to wear them all nightsadblush

puddle Fri 28-Sep-07 12:16:05

As I work I always think I should be able to justify a posh winter coat but usually end up walking to the station in the pouring rain in a parka.

Gobbledigook Fri 28-Sep-07 12:16:35

Go out quite a lot. Have worn patent heels 3 times since I bought them on Sept 8th anyway. Going out tonight, next Thurs and next Sat so they'll be out again!

Yes, I work, but I don't go out to work so I don't need 'office wear'.

puddle Fri 28-Sep-07 12:16:48

I have totally got out of the habit of wearing heels too - have several lovely pairs but can't walk in them any more.

NomDePlume Fri 28-Sep-07 12:17:06

I have loads of dresses that I've bought thinking I'll wear them and 9 out of 10 have never so much as been off the hanger blush

puddle Fri 28-Sep-07 12:18:46

I have just bought a woolly dress - will wear with thick tights and boots or with skinny jeans. Perfect park wear IMO.

Niecie Fri 28-Sep-07 12:19:34

High heels, smart jackets and smart trousers.

Anything linen - not a good look when you've had a small child sat on your lap.

NomDePlume Fri 28-Sep-07 12:20:14

I always feel overdressed in a dress

codswallop Fri 28-Sep-07 12:21:26

i ahte tights

NomDePlume Fri 28-Sep-07 12:22:02

they are thrush-tastic

NineUnlikelyTales Fri 28-Sep-07 12:23:41

Cod I think we have completely opposite taste. I wear dresses over jeans/trousers all the time and I also love tights. But the main reason for these is probably just that I am always cold.

puddle Fri 28-Sep-07 12:23:49

Is it a gusset thing Tight Haters?

NomDePlume Fri 28-Sep-07 12:24:48

I like the look of opaque tights etc but I find the droopy gusset a problem, esp as I have relatively long legs, the gusset is always too low !

NomDePlume Fri 28-Sep-07 12:25:26

I like hold ups, but have to be careful of the mid thigh bulge where the hold ups grip !

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