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Help me find a bag for college please

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nutcracker Thu 27-Sep-07 11:55:16

Have tried using a carrier bag, but they are just not up to the job.

I need a bag big enough for a BIG folder, pencil case, purse, etc.

Something like this but not one of those, am too old.

Oh and no more than £10

eidsvold Thu 27-Sep-07 12:08:08

scroll down to the baba bag something different but it is a little over your budget - sorry.

eidsvold Thu 27-Sep-07 12:09:14

or this one comes in under budget

nutcracker Thu 27-Sep-07 12:14:45

Thanks eidsvold, the first is too small though I think, and am not overly keen on the second.

I'm being picky I know.

Keep finding lovely ones that cost too much LOL

I'm watching a couple on ebay now, so fingers crossed.

eidsvold Thu 27-Sep-07 12:21:54

i found a couple that were fab but it is an aussie site and they don't deliver overseas. One was about 6 quid when you converted it to pounds.

tiredemma Fri 28-Sep-07 07:50:27

Emma- can you get into Primark in Bham- thay have loads of massive cheap bags.

tiredemma Fri 28-Sep-07 07:55:06

They have got these type bags ( but with nicer patterns IMO)
For under £10

I like these- might even get one myself for uni.

tiredemma Fri 28-Sep-07 08:22:34

or these
more bags

or these

even more bags

tiredemma Fri 28-Sep-07 17:12:49

any of those bags tickle your fancy nutty??

nutcracker Fri 28-Sep-07 17:14:58

Ahhhh thats the type of thing I mean, will have to go to brum and look in Dp's and Topshops.

I looked in Primark the other day, but couldn't decide wether I liked theirs or not, so brought boots instead LOL.

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands Fri 28-Sep-07 17:16:21

Whatsername.. HundredTimes (?!).. (sorry).. has a lovely bag that would be very appropriate!

From Chloe I think! grin

nutcracker Fri 28-Sep-07 17:16:28

I discovered how crap Sutton library is today by the way, not one book in there on physiology.

nutcracker Fri 28-Sep-07 17:17:15

LOL Shiny, not sure I can run to a Chloe bag at the mo.

tiredemma Fri 28-Sep-07 17:19:16

would your dad mind if i took my physiology book to his for you? ( my friend still has not given me the Ross and Wilson one as she is working nights at sandwell) but I have a shit hot Martini Anatomy book which is the bollocks. I dont need it now as I am doing branch. You can borrow it till your course finishes.

nutcracker Fri 28-Sep-07 17:20:57

Oh yes please emma, that would be fab, if you don't mind smile

tiredemma Fri 28-Sep-07 17:22:49

ill take it round tomorrow. will he be in or is there somewhere safe i can leave it if not?

nutcracker Fri 28-Sep-07 17:26:52

There is normally someone in, if not there is probably (definatly) some junk by the door that you could pop it behind, or if my dad has done his normal trick of wandering off and leaving the garage door open, you could slip it in there.

I will ring him and tell him to keep an eye out for it if there is no one in when you take it round.

tiredemma Fri 28-Sep-07 17:28:16

it will be about 11ish. I will see what other books I have aswell.

have you had an assignment yet?

( Ive had fucking 3 launched this week- 2 of them are 3000 words!) vomit.

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands Fri 28-Sep-07 17:31:20

Yes but Nutty... I think she wants to offload it onto someone to escape from the pyscho lady at the school gate.. grin

Ecmo Fri 28-Sep-07 17:31:31

Jane Norman do some plainer bags. I thought I'd be too old for them too but the plain ones are ok, however I bought a very similar one with Pineapple written on it to use for college.
Its about A4 size and I got it from Debenhams it was only about £7 I think and stronger than the Jane Norman one. I'm probably older than you so I had the same problem!

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands Fri 28-Sep-07 17:32:07

(And I didn't even know what a Chloe bag WAS until I looked at the link!!! grin)

nutcracker Fri 28-Sep-07 17:45:19

Cheers emma, will ring him later and let him know.

We have had our structured questions assignment for Physioloigy so far. It doesn't look too bad, and I have found alot of useful stuff on the net so hopefully it will be ok...fingers crossed anyway. I think I got 66% when I did it before.

Shiny, what mad psycho lady ?

nutcracker Fri 28-Sep-07 17:47:50

Did you have Keith Acton for anything when you were at college emma ?? Short, chubby bald bloke, quite funny, likes to talk, mainly about himself ?

tiredemma Fri 28-Sep-07 17:50:07

Not that I can recall- what does he teach?

Is your assignment the one where you have to label the cell as Q1?

nutcracker Fri 28-Sep-07 17:57:44

Yep question one is to provide a labelled diagram of an animal cell, why an animal cell I don't know.

Keith teaches Study skills. We have a right drippy bloke for english, looks a bit like Adrian Mole lol.

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