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HELP- find me a gorgeous and magically slimming outfit to wear to daughters christening!!

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Orchide Wed 26-Sep-07 20:55:50

OK, never tried this part of MN before but have read soem other threads and pretty impressed with suggestions and general helpfulness.

So.........(take deep breath)...who can help me?

My daughters christening is next month, I want to look lovely and slim, but am not so need some fashion disguise!
Quick description....

Am 6ft...long legs so no links to trousers for short people, ie. most shops. Mostly size 18 though some 20 specially round the middle, am still sporting post-section tummy so nothing fitted/clingy.

Much of my wardrobe is black...its slimming you know!! hmm but im not averse to a bit of colour. Like the prettiness of lots of Monsoon stuff.....but not very good at putting stuff together to get a whole please!

imagineafullnightsleep Thu 27-Sep-07 15:22:37

Hi Orchid. Help us out a little bit ! What type of thing would you like in an ideal world ? (Skirt / top combo, trousers / top, dress ?) Does it need to have sleeves etc.

imagineafullnightsleep Thu 27-Sep-07 15:28:01

I've tried this dress on - and it was lovely. Quite expensive originally, but now reduced to £37.50.

Then you could wear a cardigan with it, maybe something like one of these...

Orchide Thu 27-Sep-07 18:51:46

imagine, thanksf or your thoughts....couldnt get any of your links to work though!

in an ideal world....
prob skirt , top and little cardi. rarely find dresses whcih look good.

no idea if this will work. dont konw how to do links - like the shape of this skirt

Find me something exciting to go with this......and shows too?!!

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