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Preg weight loss fashion question

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skyblue27 Tue 30-Jun-20 17:47:30

Ok so in this photo firstly I want to know despite the preg belly (32 weeks) does it appear to fit ok?

Also this might sound like a stupid question but never mind, ok so let's say the baby comes out weighing 8lbs, if I weigh myself a couple days later should I weigh 8lbs less?

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skyblue27 Tue 30-Jun-20 18:51:37


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istheresomethingwrongwithme Tue 30-Jun-20 19:18:24

Dress looks really nice.

You will loose more than the weight of the baby - there's all the fluid, placenta and goodness knows what else to come out too. I weighed myself the morning I was induced with DS1, he was 9lb 6oz but by the time he was a week old I'd lost a stone and a half!

Roo2012 Tue 30-Jun-20 19:26:37

Dress looks lovely
You will lose more that the weight of the baby, but there's no formula for how much it will be.

bookish83 Tue 30-Jun-20 20:02:06

Yes you lose more but it depends on how much you put on! I luckily (or unluckily given sickness!) but on just baby and extras. So about 2 weeks post partum lost all the baby weight. However my body has changed as I am bigger in the ribs/boobs/hips/tum despite weighing the same as pre baby so think your body has to settle down z

Clettercletterthatsbetter Thu 02-Jul-20 07:03:34

I’ve always (3 children) lost about a stone from the birth. Babies haven’t been massive 7lb 10oz - 8lb 14oz. Don’t forget it’s not just baby in there - placenta, amniotic fluid, some blood... You’ll also sweat out more of the excess water your body has retained after the birth (I know that doesn’t sound very glamorous but I wish someone had told me about the night sweats before I had my first!)

bookish83 Thu 02-Jul-20 07:22:58


Oh gosh yes the night sweats! I also had no idea!

TheIckabog Thu 02-Jul-20 10:20:48

The dress looks lovely.

You’ll lose way more weight than just the weight of the baby. I lost a stone and a half in the first four months just from fluid retention etc etc. Its the remaining stone and a half I can’t shift now!

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