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Can you do anything about large visible pores?

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LoganRoy Tue 30-Jun-20 07:41:35

I am acne prone and slightly oily. I use salicylic acid which gets rid of the whiteheads on my chin but even when it’s clear my pores look massive. Same on my cheeks. I’ve tried glycolic before but it just made me really red. Any advice?

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choclatencheese Tue 30-Jun-20 07:46:03

I was told there is no way to actually reduce pore size however applying a pore primer makes them appear much less prominent.

SuperSange Tue 30-Jun-20 08:03:00

I bought a dermaroller from amazon, it was highly recommended in a beauty group
I'm in. It was cheap, so I bought it and used it on one side of my fave only so I could see any changes. On the treated side my face was lifted, and pores reduced in size. I used it twice a week, with hyaluronic acid as I usually use.

elaeocarpus Tue 30-Jun-20 08:05:07

Might help?

LoganRoy Tue 30-Jun-20 08:23:26

SuperSange would you mind linking to the one you bought?

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Gardenermumtobe Tue 30-Jun-20 08:26:57

Benefit do one called The Pore Professional, it's expensive so I just save it for special occasions, but I found it does wonders grin

misscockerspaniel Tue 30-Jun-20 08:46:10

Try Boots own brand tea tree & witch hazel cleansing & toning lotion (less than £5 a bottle), it is good for minimizing pores.

LoganRoy Tue 30-Jun-20 13:55:18

elaeocarpus thanks for that info page. Really useful!

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PersonaNonGarter Tue 30-Jun-20 20:53:50

Do you drink 2 litres of water everyday? If you don’t it would be worth seeing if that makes a difference - plump skin minimises pores.

Also, exfoliate for the same reason - so your skin can absorb moisturisers/serum.

TinkerLilly Tue 30-Jun-20 22:39:08

I bought a £6 konjac sponge in Tesco last week and have been using it with a foam face wash and I swear the huge pores each sided my nose are less noticeable.

LoganRoy Wed 01-Jul-20 09:02:21

Thanks I’ll investigate the sponge and the wash as they’re both cheap things to try. I definitely need to drink more water!

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TableNiner Wed 01-Jul-20 09:14:41


Raella50 Wed 01-Jul-20 09:25:57

I used to have big pores because I briefly had acne as a teenager. I don’t get spots anymore and haven’t for years but the pores still put me off going makeup free. I tried every foundation under the sun and it just always ended up looking yucky on my skin.

Here’s what I do now:
- drink lots of water
- a proper cleanse / tone / moisturiser routine morning and night
- use a face sponge with my cleaner in the vending to exfoliate (found mine very cheap in Superdrug for a couple of pounds)
- use a primer. I prefer the ELF primer (very cheap) which i smooth on like a second moisturiser. Then I use a Dior spray primer + foundation spray ( expensive but amazing)

My skin is lovely now even on the days I leave off the makeup to be honest. I can’t believe the difference proper skincare makes.

Iwalkinmyclothing Wed 01-Jul-20 09:34:02

Since starting using niacinamide, my pores don't seem to have shrunk or disappeared but they do seem unclogged and less noticeable, if that makes any sense. I can now apply foundation without looking like a dog biscuit.

I've used the Lancame anti chafing gel as a primer before when my pores were like the craters of the moon, it worked in that they all but disappeared but failed in that it lasted about an hour before my face disintegrated. Smashbox never suited me but there is a Boots primer that was pretty good, I think it's actually called pore minimising primer but I'm not sure.

SuperSange Wed 01-Jul-20 12:54:23


LoganRoy Wed 01-Jul-20 14:17:11

@SuperSange thank you. It looks interesting!

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