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If I like the look of a loose cashmere jumper and jeans in the winter...

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CaptainWentworth Fri 19-Jun-20 16:49:44

... what should I wear in the summer? I stopped breastfeeding at the start of lockdown and have packed away my bf tops and dresses which was all I’d been wearing for ages. My pre pregnancy t shirts all look pretty old and rubbish now and I want to buy a few new tops to wear, but I don’t know where to look or what to get. Maybe some new jeans too - office dress code is whatever you like now even before all the WFH which will be in place for the foreseeable.

I find winter dressing easy as I love wearing a big chunky or loose jumper with skinny/ slim jeans and boots (black Grenson Nanette or Vans sk8 hi). If I replace the jumper with a t shirt it just doesn’t look flattering with my current t shirts - think there is too much emphasis on tummy area. I’m 37, 5’4” and a size 12 with 32F boobs. No idea if weight - my pre preg clothes fit but I think my tummy is a bit more obvious than it used to be. A shirt with sleeves rolled up looks good and is my style but I refuse to buy more clothes that require ironing now that I have a toddler and no time!

Jeans wise I like my Levi’s 712 slim but am considering trying something wider to wear rolled up, e.g these

I have some nice shorts I wear in hot weather but again struggle with tops. Feel like I should be wearing dresses but I kind of associate them with dressing formally and I get chilly with bare legs unless it’s super super hot.

Help please!

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AnaViaSalamanca Fri 19-Jun-20 17:10:01

You are pretty much screwed in the summer! I am very similar and agonize over summer clothes.

I still wear jeans and a cotton shirt (from toast mostly), or linen dresses with a belt.

minipie Fri 19-Jun-20 17:21:05

Tailored loose fit tops will be better than t shirts. To get around ironing could you dry on hangers instead? Bit of an effort but much less than ironing.

bigcatlittlecatcardboardbox Fri 19-Jun-20 17:21:47

I have a few boyfriend fit flannel type checked shirts that don't need ironing! I think they're topshop. And some satiny big baggy shirts that I just hang up in the bathroom when I'm showering to get rid of the creases.

Sadik Fri 19-Jun-20 17:22:18

Would you wear a non-iron shirt - I like the look of this for example
Or this would look great with those jeans and again is a style I wouldn't think to iron?

Rebelwithallthecause Fri 19-Jun-20 17:25:26

I am the same as you and feel at a total loss

nowlook Fri 19-Jun-20 17:34:30

Same here!
Last year, I bought some slim-fitting black silk jogging bottoms (sound hideous, but lovely) from Theory (well, ebay); some very simple silk maxi dresses and some silk t-shirts. It's the closest I've got to feeling like "me" in the summer.
I avoid all the pattern.
I'd post a picture of an outfit, but I've managed to find an extra few pounds recently grin

nowlook Fri 19-Jun-20 17:40:20

Like these, but in black:
T-shirts like this:
Maxi dresses like this:
God, I'm boring.

CaptainWentworth Fri 19-Jun-20 17:47:42

Thanks for replying everyone! Glad it’s not just me.

@AnaViaSalamanca I like the idea of Toast but I struggle to find individual garments I could see myself in, if you see what I mean- is there anything on there you like at the moment? Also liking linen (shirt) dress idea.

@sadik I quite like those tops but not the colours - prefer clearer colours and no brown (except belts/ shoes)

@nowlook I like your ideas but not sure I could get away with so much silk with my current lifestyle. The Reiss top maybe...

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Hauskat Fri 19-Jun-20 17:48:38

Following with interest as I am also 37, size 12, with 32F boobs and no clue at all what to wear any more. Especially in summer. I used to wear a lot of vintage 70’s dresses with boots or chunky but I want things that are less statement and more practical. Also that cope with the tummy situation. I love blazers and jumpers and miss layers.

nowlook Fri 19-Jun-20 17:48:52

Sorry, just seen the "not ironing" bit. I buy lots of clothes and hope they wear out before they need to be dry-cleaned wink

Given your ample assets, you might find a stretch jersey maxi with a baggier or layered top half works well.

For holidays (typically, but also today because I can't fit in anything), I have about 10 of these types of thing:
...which I just bung in the tumble dryer.

LightenUpSummer Fri 19-Jun-20 17:56:43

Wow those dresses look amazing nowlook Are they very long? I'm 5'4", same as OP

nowlook Fri 19-Jun-20 17:59:11

In fact, this is what I'm wearing (but mine's navy). Mine was also a TK Maxx special.

It's incredibly flattering for those of us who risk suffocation from our own boobs on a daily basis.

(and I'm sure your tummy is fine- I've got an overhang, so really have to be careful on styles)

nowlook Fri 19-Jun-20 17:59:31

nowlook Fri 19-Jun-20 18:00:57

I won't lie to you, it's hit and miss with the Amazon stuff. Mainly great though (and I'm 5'3" according to the doctor who plainly can't measure anything to save her life, because I am defo much taller).

CaptainWentworth Fri 19-Jun-20 18:02:36

I do like that last dress actually although not that colour. I have a tank dress I wore when I was pregnant which I really liked but it just makes me look still a little bit preggers now blush so that style with a looser top would be better.

My boobs aren’t that huge - back size is still fairly small so even an F cup isn’t suffocating. Def not flat chested or up for anything to be worn bra less though!

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MaverickDanger Fri 19-Jun-20 18:05:17

Shorts & oversized crinkle shirts tucked in
Shorts & long sleeved Bretons on slightly cooler days
Column jersey dresses - tend to skim not cling

I do not iron at all so the shirts are all in fabrics that suit not being ironed.

I also buy shorts in a size up so you can tuck in & show some shape, but that you’re not having to breathe in all the time!

MaverickDanger Fri 19-Jun-20 18:07:45

I have lived in these so far this summer

MaverickDanger Fri 19-Jun-20 18:10:07

Also shirt dresses! How could I forget!

My absolute staple for both smart & casual throughout summer. Again, pick your fabrics so you can avoid ironing.

HappyHammy Fri 19-Jun-20 18:11:44

Cotton peplum tops are flattering over tummies

nowlook Fri 19-Jun-20 18:17:15

Yep, sounds like we wear the same colours.
I do have to pop on a very thin linen or similar cardigan though because I'm not too keen on my arms.

I'm surprised your boobs aren't bigger, though. I'm a 30 or 32 E and feel a bit like a serving wench atm.

CatBatCat Fri 19-Jun-20 18:44:13

Oversized tshirts. Tie at the waist to give a bit of shape but you get the same loose look without having to wear the jumper.

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