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Face yoga / exercises

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MrsJamin Thu 02-Jul-20 15:14:37

I just started a thread about face massage too, I'm not sure what I saw that piqued my interest but went down a hit of a YouTube hole. I'd love to know if there is any scientific evidence that backs it up. I'd like to believe it but wouldn't want to waste my time doing it if it really made no difference. I looked up on Nadine Baggott's YouTube channel and she's got one video where someone teaches her how to do it but that's the only one. One thing that they mention is that the stuff you're rubbing into your face penetrates your skin better if you're massaging it in, so perhaps that's one main benefit of it?

Bucolicky Thu 02-Jul-20 12:42:14

Well, those are two separate & recent studies by dermatologists in respected peer-reviewed journals. Take it as you will.

OP if you find the idea of face exercises interesting I guess it's worth a shot rather than looking back in ten years time & wishing you'd tried them...

HeyBlaby Thu 02-Jul-20 09:58:55

@Bucolicky with all due respect, that evidence is not of good quality at all, not even a control group (!) amongst various other things. There is a lot of good quality evidence that shows that they do not work at all, but they don't do harm, just waste time so each to their own.

MolotovMocktail Thu 02-Jul-20 09:55:58

I think it helps a bit. The best I’ve found is Facerobics by an Australian lady called Peta, it’s all free on YouTube. She looks incredible so must be doing something right (unless she’s had work done).

I’ve been doing it daily for 2 months now and my cheekbones are definitely more pronounced and my neck muscles are tighter.

Bucolicky Thu 02-Jul-20 09:21:29

There is evidence to show they work:

AnaViaSalamanca Fri 19-Jun-20 17:06:55

What I am doing is a combination of exercises, massage, nuface, and religiously drinking water. I have been doing it over the past month or so, most days, and I am seeing a change, my face is slimmer, more awake, and my jawline more defined. Not sure which one to attribute it to. I have gone through some videos of face yoga method and a few others from youtube, but I have created my own routine from some videos that I liked. I also do massages which is from facegym instagram live and also another youtube video, plus gua sha. I also do nuface. It all takes about 15-20 min while I watch some mindless TV.

As PP said there is no evidence they work, though. It is completely anecdotal :-)

I suggest rather than looking for the perfect solution, or paying for a CD, just go on youtube and try a few. After a week or so you should see some change.

midgebabe Fri 19-Jun-20 16:17:56

I heard once you should contort your face like you are shaving

JesmondDene Fri 19-Jun-20 16:12:08

I think face exercise should...logically. Exercise any part of the body and it builds and tightens muscles, improves circulation etc. Surely the same applies to muscles in the face. Happy to stand corrected though.

Sourcat Fri 19-Jun-20 14:34:48

Oh. Hmmm.

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HeyBlaby Fri 19-Jun-20 14:32:13

There is zero evidence any of this works.

Sourcat Fri 19-Jun-20 14:31:32

Every now and then someone posts that they do facial exercises and it works; I've looked at some youtube videos and once even ordered a book (that came with a CD rom grin, but that's about as far as I've got.

Who's the best? I can't watch Danielle Collins; her delivery annoys me too much. And I don't really want to spend 100s on a subscription. I've seen Carolyn's Facial Fitness mentioned, and on that 'How to not look middle aged' thread, a few people said facial exercises work but I can't find the posts now and can't remember if they gave more detail.

Please share some insider knowledge if you do it and have had success! My biggest issues are droopy eyelids and lower face sag/jowls (and 11s from a lifetime of scowling, though I imagine they're there for ever more now).

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