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Black circles under my eyes

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FlamedToACrisp Thu 18-Jun-20 20:15:10

Have you used a product you would recommend?

Despite appearances, I get enough sleep!

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MrsPhyllisTyne Thu 18-Jun-20 20:16:03

No advice, I'm afraid, OP, but I'm watching this thread with interest. I have a similar issue!

Quackersandcheese3 Thu 18-Jun-20 20:27:18

Ysl touché eclat
Becca under eye concealer
Or give up dairy products .

TheBigRoundSquare Thu 18-Jun-20 20:37:47

I have really dark circles under my eyes and have tried so many products.

The thing that seems to be working for me at the moment is The Ordinary caffeine eye treatment in the evening. I didn’t think my eyes were puffy until I started using it and it’s made a huge difference. And in the morning I am using Olay Ultimate Eye. It’s coloured to counteract the darkness.

The Ordinary is £5.90 and the Olay in £12.49. They are better together than £50+ products I was using previously.

LynetteScavo Thu 18-Jun-20 21:57:11

Give up anything you might have a mild allergy to.

Google tear trough fillers. I haven't had them, but it's the only cosmetic procedure which tempts me.

gingerbubs Thu 18-Jun-20 22:01:31

You don't have hayfever do you? I noticed a couple or years back that when my hayfever starts to kick in I get darker under my eyes. I assume to do with congestion. Antihistamines and a steroid nose spray for a few weeks really helps if it's that (or if that's contributing)

Love51 Thu 18-Jun-20 22:01:57

Why give up dairy? Does it work?
I've always had strong dark circles. Got worse when I was anaemic, as a teenager.
Sorry op I'm no help, i don't have a solution that works either.

DanniArthur Thu 18-Jun-20 22:04:57

I'm the same and found tarte shape tape concealer is really good at camouflaging. I also use retinol night cream and it seems to have helped slightly. Benefit it's so potent is also quite good

Lndnmummy Thu 18-Jun-20 22:23:18

Tear duct fillers or laser

Quackersandcheese3 Thu 18-Jun-20 23:29:50

Love51 . I had dark circles and generally bad skin. Gave up dairy on recommendation from a dermatologist friend just as a wee experiment. It made such a difference ! Dark circles gone and no more breakouts on my face. Was amazing.
Sadly I couldn’t keep off the dairy permanently ...

FlamedToACrisp Sun 21-Jun-20 14:20:50

Give up dairy products??????? (clutches 10lb chunk of cheese) sad Noooooo!!!

No, @gingerbubs, I've never suffered with hay fever.

Interested in the caffeine thing and some of the other ideas, thank you all.

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User8989 Sun 21-Jun-20 14:29:56

Anemia does this too. Sometimes its genetic.

Elieza Sun 21-Jun-20 14:51:29

I’ve got those and I don’t take dairy!

Tear trough fillers are my next investigation. Would like to see before and after pics of peeps that have had em done. I’ve seen people who get them done on their cheekbones and it does make the black shadows and wrinkles go away but leaves the cheeks looking fake.

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