What are you wearing today? Lock down wardrobes

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Ellapaella Thu 18-Jun-20 18:10:34

Hello all - new thread

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Ellapaella Thu 18-Jun-20 18:12:22

Old thread https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/styleandbeauty/3910167-Outfit-of-the-Day-Thread-still-shopping-our-wardrobes

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Ellapaella Thu 18-Jun-20 18:15:12

@Talisin @Terralee


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Ellapaella Thu 18-Jun-20 18:15:40

Just working through tags - sorry if I've missed you off

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toastfiend Thu 18-Jun-20 18:22:32

Thanks for starting the new thread @Ellapaella.

Thanks @happytobemrsg. I'll quite often wear brightly coloured tops under my plain dungarees. I buy a lot of stuff for DS from Duns and Maxomorra and I love the bright colours/patterns and their ethos. smile

Ellapaella Thu 18-Jun-20 18:48:20


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Ellapaella Thu 18-Jun-20 18:49:15


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Ellapaella Thu 18-Jun-20 18:51:06

@happytobemrsg tell me more about ice dying...

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happytobemrsg Thu 18-Jun-20 18:58:47

Thanks for the new thread @Ellapaella. I have zero creative skills but ice dying is so easy. I used this tutorial: www.dylon.co.uk/en/home/blog/spice-up-your-shirts.html

Sooverthemill Thu 18-Jun-20 19:08:05


Peachypips78 Thu 18-Jun-20 19:11:07

I'm joining. Always lurk but I love this thread!

Ellapaella Thu 18-Jun-20 19:39:02

Welcome @Peachypips78

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itssquidstella Thu 18-Jun-20 19:43:26

Thanks for the new thread! I'll try to make an effort tomorrow 😂

Judystilldreamsofhorses Thu 18-Jun-20 20:21:33

I’m here! Now in pyjamas, so no photo. Thanks for the new thread.

Softpebbles Thu 18-Jun-20 20:36:54

@Ellapaella thanks for the new thread.

@theonlymrsw. Oh my that dungaree dress is great. My DD have looked through the run and fly website tonight and she wants the dinosaur one. I like the one you have. Will have to wait until pay day. Too much money spent this month 🤦‍♀️

Shannith Thu 18-Jun-20 21:04:04

Thanks for the new thread. I basically live in running gear, dog walking gear or jodhpurs. I'm semi shielding so have a bit of an excuse but I have a fancy zoom work call tomorrow so will attempt to wear something presentable.

My beloved local village charity shop has very sadly announced they are permanently closing. They support 6 adults with learning disabilities through their whole life and the residential setting they live in so it's a huge loss.

I used to volunteer there and was the youngest by about 30 years. They can't keep going without their aged 70+ volunteers who are the vast majority of their staff.

I think about 35% of my wardrobe has come from there in recent years, plus endless bits for the house so it's personally a huge shame.

They are having two closing down days tomorrow and Saturday so I'm going to pop along and buy as much as I can, for altruistic and selfish reasons!

Ellapaella Thu 18-Jun-20 21:28:30

That's such a shame @Shannith
@Softpebbles I have some run and fly dungarees in black, omg they are the best, lovely soft denim.

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OublietteBravo Thu 18-Jun-20 22:28:59

Hello 👋 - thanks for the new thread @Ellapaella.

Welcome @Peachypips78.

Justonedayatatime11 Thu 18-Jun-20 23:04:39

I went real life shopping today. Wasn't as scary as expected. Pair of black denim dungarees, black and white jumpsuit and 2 more dresses. Now I just need somewhere to wear them!

carlywurly Thu 18-Jun-20 23:11:31

My new hush girlfriend washed black chinos - they are a delight to wear.

With a faded pale gold linen white company linen t shirt which was once sparkly and is nicer now it isn't. Layered over a pale orange gap vest.

And Veja trainers I'm trying to break in before they break me.

Ellapaella Fri 19-Jun-20 02:06:14

Ooh @carlywurly which Veja's have you got? I have the campo - the ones with a splash of yellow. They are super comfy. Love the sound of your outfit.

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Ellapaella Fri 19-Jun-20 02:08:32

@Justonedayatatime11 you are very brave heading to the shops. Glad to hear it wasn't too bad an experience. I think it's potential queues and not being able to touch anything that would put me off but I'm not a particularly patient soul. Would love to see your haul if you wanted to share.

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Frownette Fri 19-Jun-20 07:41:51

I haven't seen this thread before grin

Shame about the charity shop @Shannith

There were a couple of items I liked in the window of my local one, but if I go to the supermarket at 7am I don't have an indication whether they're reopening or not.

Today I'm wearing a thick cotton Bretton stripe dress by joules, with black tights as it's cold

Shadeslayer Fri 19-Jun-20 08:06:46

Hi I've been prepping to decorate the last couple of days so I've been in my decorating outfit of paint splattered leggings tshirt and old socks.

Ds2 is still sleeping next to the mirror so I will post later but quite boring today as I'm working

Ripped skinny Jean's and a light grey oversized sweatshirt.

itssquidstella Fri 19-Jun-20 08:22:10

It's grey and wet here today so I've dug out one of my non-summer tops to wear.

Jeans are Jamie from Topshop
Top is from Miss Selfridge, I think

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