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Glossy box beyond annoyed now. Anyone else?

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BrexitIsAShitShow Thu 18-Jun-20 12:44:09

I took out a 6 month subscription at the start of may. Thought I'd treat myself. I was informed that I'd missed the may box but would get the mystery box, but nothing appeared.

I tried to contact them. No one is manning the phones which is understandable at the moment. No customer service email. I did manage to get onto a live chat. Explained my case and stated that I wanted the product promised or a refund.
I was told I could cancel for a refund. Once the live chat had ended I received a no reply email stating I had to contact them closer to the subscription ending to cancel. Live chat is now disconnected.

June boxes have been dispatched. I've received nothing, and still no refund. My only way to contact them now is through Facebook DM or Instagram. They ignore all comments.
Has anyone else had problems with glossy box? Ive no idea where to go from here.

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Nutrigrainygoodness Thu 18-Jun-20 13:14:15

My glossy box was late this month but it did arrive - they did email to say it would be late and they were sorry.

I would msg them on fb if you can and see whats happening.

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