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DōTERRA oils versus Tisserand versus something else

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Mumster786 Wed 17-Jun-20 21:38:32

Friend is a rep for DōTERRA and was v convincing but its soooo expensive! I dont think I am ready to change my lifestyle but I like the idea of weaning myself of inhalers and hay fever tablets.
Ive heard lots of positives about peppermint for suppressing appetite. I am wary of people who say there are no side effects to essential oils and that the body will get rid of any excess!
I guess I am asking what you have found? Are DōTERRA much better than any other oil? Are they more concentrated and potent? IS a water based diffuser something I should invest in? I think I would like to read up on which oils I might get - for sleeplessness, anxiety, allergies, focus, weight loss, cleansing. Any book or essential oil recommendations and how you have used them? I think buying a really expensive DōTERRA starter kit is too much of a cost commitment right now

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GrimDamnFanjo Thu 18-Jun-20 01:07:11

Doterra is a mlm business so I'd steer clear for that reason alone.

BlankTimes Thu 18-Jun-20 03:29:53

I am wary of people who say there are no side effects to essential oils and that the body will get rid of any excess
Good, you do right to be wary of people spouting crap like that. Peppermint EO and loads of others can irritate the skin. Some people are seriously allergic to some EO's If you have pets, again some can be allergic to either the fragrance or the contact.

Read 'The Fragrant Pharmacy' by Valerie Ann Worwood.
It's one of the most easy to use and educational books I've read about the use of Essential Oils in an everyday context.
She gives plain simple instructions and it's full of easy recipes for all sorts of uses, not just medicinal. It's full of sensible advice, no waffling on, no outlandish claims.

G5000 Thu 18-Jun-20 08:38:24

Your post sounds like a MLM sales pitch.
They promise to cure you from asthma and allergies? BS. Essential oils are not harmless and no, your body does not just get rid of excess, they can cause serious issues.

TheCanterburyWhales Thu 18-Jun-20 10:07:10

No pure essential oil is better than any other unless you want organic.
Tisserand are good
Holland & Barrett are good.

Anything that charges you over those prices (looking at Decleor etc) is a scam for a fancy box.

Peppermint suppresses acid for me. I take the capsules of pure oil.

Never heard of the MLM.

TheSweetestHalleluja Thu 18-Jun-20 13:37:49

I was also going to suggest Holland & Barratt, a really nice range and quite often included in the penny sale too.

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