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Tired of my Grey Hair

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Hmmmwhatsthat Tue 16-Jun-20 10:38:23

I stopped dyeing my hair and let my natural hair grow in the past few years. I loved it, its in great condition and there's a fair bit of shiny silver in it. But I'm tired of it now. Saw some photos of myself taken recently and well, I just look like the tired 60-year old that I am. So has anyone else done similar and gone back to dyeing? How did you feel about it?
Previously I had an overall colour (mid brown) with highlights. I found it difficult to get a colour that I was happy with and I realised that as my skintone had changed (lightened) with age I needed something paler. So the silvery grey suits me as long as I wear a bit of foundation or bronzer/fake tan.
My idea now is to go for an all-over colour, have just seen pics of Denise Welch and am tempted to go for her colour, or maybe something a bit more ashy.
Would I be mad?

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Lockdownhairdontcare Tue 16-Jun-20 11:02:38

Don’t do it. Think how far you have come!

Could you post a pic of your hair for advice?

Budapestpest Tue 16-Jun-20 11:09:49

In the nicest possible way op, I don’t think dyed hair makes A 60 year old look younger, it just makes them look like a 60 year old with dyed hair. I know not everyone will agree, and more power to you if you want to due it, it’s your choice!

Lockdownhairdontcare Tue 16-Jun-20 11:19:08

Budapestpest is right, but it’s completely depends what makes you feel better.

If it was me I would concentrate on good skincare, perhaps tanning drops in your favourite moisturiser, eyelashes curled and a good brow.

Plus remember we are all fed up with how we look at the moment. My home plucking is far from my beauticians waxing standards, no eyelashes, my roots are terrible, my fringe is all over the shop and don’t even get me started on my nails blush

Plusher Tue 16-Jun-20 11:25:02

Don't do it! Don't throw away all your work on the strength of a couple of photos.

Achieving flattering, well-conditioned, silver hair is like hitting your goal weight after years of dieting. Reaching for the box dye is like reaching for the chocolate hobnobs.

Hmmmwhatsthat Tue 16-Jun-20 15:08:19

Thanks for replies. Here's a slightly scary pic. Hair v flyaway today as freshly washed and obvs in need of a good cut.
Yeah unfortunately I do love a chocolate hobnob...
So the concensus is to leave well enough alone. I suppose if I could get a nice sharp cut it might not bother me, I'm kind of afraid that I've entered the witchy zone!

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BoxAndKnife Tue 16-Jun-20 15:42:19

A good cut (when you can!) will do wonders OP, much better than going back to the dye.

It''s a beautiful colour (and omg no way are you 60 from that pic!)

AnaViaSalamanca Tue 16-Jun-20 15:50:20

You are 60? Wow based on your photo and eye area I would have said 40s max smile

How about making your hair a bit lighter? A white/silvery color would be quite exciting

ChocAuVin Tue 16-Jun-20 16:07:59

Your hair is glorious, OP! I’m very early forties and have spent the past two years weaning myself off years of blocky box dye but carefully highlighting and olaplexing my long, dark and increasingly salt and pepper hair every 3-4 months to blend in the greys...
It’s working smile I’ll never go back!

Just remembering how it was chasing that constant badger stripe down... bleurgh, no thanks!

That shade is lovely. Agree with PPs you look very well - if you fancy a change definitely go brows or makeup rather than touching that lovely barnet flowers

ChocAuVin Tue 16-Jun-20 16:09:15

Meant to add, if it ever gets to a shade as lovely as yours I’ll leave well alone and let it be smile

Glowcat Tue 16-Jun-20 16:11:49

If I had your hair I’d get a strong cut and then be straight at the Bleach London kind of colours.

AmICrazyorWhat2 Tue 16-Jun-20 16:17:32

You have lovely skin!

I wonder whether a choppier haircut would make it easier to add some colour if you want - hi lights or low lights, perhaps, rather than full colour.

I've recently had my shoulder-length hair cut short and I can get away with less colour (I'm not completely grey, just the temples) as everything blends in better and there's no perceptible growth line anymore.

cheeseslovesme Tue 16-Jun-20 16:25:06

Love your colour . Your skin and eyes look fabulous smile

MobLife Tue 16-Jun-20 16:28:12

I'd get some really good balayage done-it would blend beautifully with your hair

WanderingTrolley1 Tue 16-Jun-20 16:30:46

Hmmm, your skin is amazing for 60! Your hair looks lovely, too; very attractive. Stick with it!

Apileofballyhoo Tue 16-Jun-20 16:46:12

You look younger than me, and less tired, and I'm early forties.

Kittykat93 Tue 16-Jun-20 17:14:17

Your skin is better than mine... And I'm 27 grin

GrumpyHoonMain Tue 16-Jun-20 17:18:11

If you don’t look your age then yes dyeing your hair could definitely help you look younger. In India and China one of the reasons why people often look decades younger at 70/80 is because of hair dyeing. I would suggest a lighter colour maybe an ash blonde.

Hmmmwhatsthat Tue 16-Jun-20 17:42:49

Aw thanks for lovely replies. Am off to google Bleach London. If I was to dye it I was thinking of the attached pic. I also love the cut but I prefer it a little longer due to my neck definitely showing my age.

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Noeuf Tue 16-Jun-20 19:05:16

Hi op before you go for the chop, I'm adding my saved photos (I have grey hair too and am late 40s). These are my favourites on the top and avoid at the bottom.

JollyGiraffe12 Tue 16-Jun-20 19:24:58

I’d go for a light/medium ash blonde if I were you

Fairyliz Tue 16-Jun-20 23:39:35

@Noeuf Those women all look gorgeous because they are gorgeous. I didn’t look as good as that at 20!
If I let my grey grow out I would look like a frizzy haired old witch.

Franticbutterfly Tue 16-Jun-20 23:51:21

If you think it might give you a boost go for it. I'll be blonde until I die (apart from right now when I am a number of colours thanks to the current lack of access to hairdressers).

BackforGood Tue 16-Jun-20 23:51:38

I wish my hair were all that colour. Yours looks lovely. FAR better then the 'dark brown with big patches of grey' iIm living with.
It certainly doesn't look 'old' to me.

Clearoutre Wed 17-Jun-20 04:15:58

Keep/incorporate your wonderful silver!

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