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Extra birthday money (what to splurge on?)

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GemmeFatale Mon 15-Jun-20 12:38:05

Will they be expecting to know what you got? Could you wait until you stumble across something that you actually want?

NameChange84 Sun 14-Jun-20 20:22:50


Phillips Lumea (mine broke)

Regular Beauty Treatments (facials and massages when they start up again)

GHD hot brush

JollyGiraffe12 Sun 14-Jun-20 19:30:17

I’d get some jewellery smile

parentofteen Sun 14-Jun-20 19:19:54

Dyson Airwrap

alliejay81 Sun 14-Jun-20 19:11:49

Not sure how much I'd use it. DH has one and I have an iPhone X which has a decent screen. What do you use it for rather than using your phone?

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MummytoCSJH Sun 14-Jun-20 19:01:12

An ipad is a good investment, I use mine every day and don't even need a tv in my bedroom anymore! Also useful for practical things like planning, writing notes etc. If it's something you've had your eye on/been thinking about anyway now is the time to get it smile

alliejay81 Sun 14-Jun-20 18:56:54

My mum and dad are both retired, so have saved quite a lot of money as normally they're always at the pub / theatre/ restaurant etc!!

As a result they've spent more on my siblings' lockdown birthdays and to keep things "fair" their idea not mine, they've given me £400 to spend.

I was going to buy a reconditioned iPad but am tempted by a new bag or jewellery. I was wondering if you had a spare £400 what would you spend it on?

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