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Concealer shade -MAC

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fairgame84 Mon 15-Jun-20 10:07:29

Thankyou. I guess if NW15 is too light I can go over it with the foundation.
I always thought concealer should be lighter than foundation so I was surprised when they gave me a darker one.

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Thinkle Sun 14-Jun-20 17:12:32

I wouldn’t go to an NC shade. I use Mac and often match my concealer a touch lighter than my foundation so NW15 doesn’t sound mad as an idea.

fairgame84 Sun 14-Jun-20 14:38:11

Anyone any good with MAC shades please?

I think MAC have matched me with the wrong concealer shade.
I wear NW18 pro longwear foundation and the lady matched it with NW20 pro longwear concealer.
By lunchtime the concealer looks darker than the foundation and I have patches where the concealer is. The patches of colour are purely concealer (not pink/yellow but brown/orange).

Do I go to NW15 with the concealer or switch to the NC shades?

Foundation is the correct shade.

Normally I would go and get a sample but with the covid situation it's not ideal to drive 20 miles to meadowhall. Can't find any samples on ebay either.

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