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Please can I be weird and ask about the shape of your stomach?

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HellloBambinos Sun 14-Jun-20 10:18:50

Because I think mine is weird. I've never had any kids and I'm not pregnant. I'm not overweight, 5ft 4 and a size 10.

My stomach is almost B shaped, I seem to have a bulge over my rib cage and then it dips in just above my belly button , then out again. It's like the crease you get from sitting down that doesn't go away when I stand.

Has anyone else ever had this and successfully replaced it with a flat belly? I've lost almost half a stone in the last couple of months and its not gone away so I'm wondering if its just my weird body rather than fat. Annoying if it is! Tia

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MaverickDanger Sun 14-Jun-20 10:24:41

I have this. I have a flat stomach to my belly button and then it just rounds out. I store all of my fat in a band just below my belly button, and even at my lowest BMI of 20, It’s not been completely flat.

I have a short waist so think it could be to do with that.

Eating to reduce bloat does help, and wearing clothes that skim my waist rather than cling.

botemp Sun 14-Jun-20 10:37:57

Yes, same as Maverick, flat until just below the belly button so not quite a B more lower case b. Even when underweight and looking a touch emaciated elsewhere there was still a stubborn pocket of fat there. It pretty much showed up overnight when I was a teenager. Mine is related to hormones (PCOS and by extension insulin resistance). Cutting out sugar and highly refined carbs makes a difference. Dairy too but that could be specific to me (as is saturated fats). Gluten will be a trigger for some. The supplement Berberine has some effect on stubborn lower belly if you have IR but not on its own, diet, exercise, etc.

The lower your weight is it does reduce, it's not visible through clothes or a bathing suit with me but if I were to gain weight it's the first thing that does and the last to reduce. I've been looking into Emsculpt (series of non invasive procedure that builds muscle and cuts down fat) but not entirely convinced yet, I know Coolsculpting wouldn't work for me as it would probably just return due to the hormonal connection.

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