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MI Work Wardrobe (warning - very rambly)

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mumofdrac Sun 23-Sep-07 22:01:36

Help - I'm due to go back to work part-time after a years maternity leave and am having a wardrobe crisis.

What are your work wardrobes like? Does anyone have an invincible selection of outfits?

I've spent my time off dressed in a stunning selection of Tesco stripy t-shirts, one of 3 pairs of 4 or 5 year old saggy Monsoon jeans, all delightfully topped off with some equally ancient Monsoon cardies accessorized with baby snot / dog hair / Weetabix (actually, worse than that - cheapo Asda wheatbisks).

It gets even more complicated...

I work in an office which is usually tropical in temperature, but I walk or cycle to work (not very far so I don't get all sweaty!) in Scotland which can be pretty baltic. I have to be smart enough to speak to customers but not be too bothered that I might wreck what I'm wearing with toner or spraymount. I'm size 10(ish), short, will be v flat chested once DS stops breastfeeding and have chubby knees and ankles (which means a lot of skirts look really bad - apart from the crossbar on bike problem).

I am a slattern so anything that needs ironed / handwashed / drycleaned is also a no-no but I like wool / cotton / linen feel fabrics. Had a quick look at Trinny & Tranny and think I come out as a bell but do I want to follow their advice? Look at this pic of high ankle boots grin Sorry - made me lol - ok - they're probably supposed to be worn with trousers or something but this reminds me of wee Jimmy Krankie (you can Google him/her if you've never had the pleasure). Also v skint due to year off so a big Boden blowout is out of the question.

Don't think I've ever known what to wear at any point in my life so thought it was high time I asked for some advice.

Good grief - just read back over this and if you've made it to the end then congratulations - DS has stinking cold and I think sleep deprivation has sapped me of whatever brain cells I had left and resulted in a huge blether when what I need to ask could probably fit into 3 lines - "skint and unstylish, dress me for work please, ta" sort of like fashion haiku...hmm

Anyway, much rambling - any suggestions?

Lolcats Mon 24-Sep-07 00:27:58

Hi Mumofdrac,
gl for going back to work!
Have you tried Principles? they have petites, and lots of stuff is washable. Next also do petite cut. Gap's not bad and usually has a sale on.
I am struggling too at the moment for work stuff- am the same weight as pre-pg, but body shape has completely changed- everything seems to be redistributed somehow. Just never have time to go shopping!
My typical work outfit is gap trousers (grey, thick cotton, great for colder weather), cotton button-up shirt (plain or striped, assortment from gap, M&S, H&M Mama hmm fits norks in well though...), jumper (round or v-neck M&S or H&M). The jumper hides the lack of ironing. Trousers don't need more than a skim, and keep pretty crease free.
I have the opposite problem in that my office is freezing- post maternity leave the colleague I now share an office with is a fresh -air freak. The only time I'm warm enough is driving to work...
Will watch this thread for new ideas though grin

mumofdrac Mon 24-Sep-07 12:36:12

Thanks Lolcats - like the sound of the trousers and the jumper hiding tactic. I haven't been shopping for clothes for ages but I did used to like Principles so will look there.

I wondered about trying the Debenhams personal shopper - pretty sure it's free and there's supposed to be no commitment to buy? If anyone has tried them I'd be interested to hear how you got on? I quite like the idea of sitting with a cup of tea while someone else picks things out for me!

Try pretending to your work colleague that Blue Tongue can be spread by midgies to humans and that might persuade them to shut the windows for a bit. You could sneak a disclosing tablet in their tea as well just for effect, I tried one out recently that the dental nurse was handing out at a talk about cleaning babies teeth and I swear my tongue was violet for days! grin

Lolcats Tue 25-Sep-07 22:13:21

I think he may have got the message though- I took the nursery thermometer into work and put it on my desk! It was 22 this afternoon, which was lovely!

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