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help me find an outfit/ dress for this weekend

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jenk1 Sun 23-Sep-07 20:08:07

im going out this friday with my sisters for a drink and i need an outfit/dress as i dont possess anything suitable.

size 18 top size 16 bottom.

havent got a clue, usually just wear black.

i havent been out in months and am really looking forward to it and DH said to treat myself.


MamaGisOutOfTheCloset Mon 24-Sep-07 12:36:24

How about nice jeans
pretty top
sparkly bag

Is that your sort of thing? If so, can look for links later..

jenk1 Mon 24-Sep-07 20:17:52

yes, got some nice jeans, just need some heels and a top. smile

jenk1 Tue 25-Sep-07 09:27:40


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