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Anyone tried Arbonne products?

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DumpedByText Thu 11-Jun-20 07:23:46

Firstly I know it's a pyramid selling thing but I'm more interested in views of their products.

I've been using Arbonne RE9 products on my face as it came recommended from a relative who is a rep. It was pricey but it's helped with my HRT ravaged skin and the products seem good quality.

I'm debating if it's worth the money though, and could I get the same ish products elsewhere. I've looked into Arbonne's philosophy about their products but I'm interested in other views.

If anyone can recommend moisturiser for a 50 year old on HRT with tight dry skin, few wrinkles and freckles if appreciate it.

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mrslebon Thu 11-Jun-20 17:53:30

Dr Jart Ceramidin is a good option. It’s really nourishing. Comes out grey-ish from the tube but that’s normal! I’m 48 and I use it after I’ve applied tret when I need extra moisture. You can get it on Look Fantastic and there’s always a discount code knocking around.

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