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Are gloves on strings safe for LO's?

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fizzbuzz Sun 23-Sep-07 12:25:04

When I was little, I always had gloves on "idiot" strings. Ie gloves on string threaded through coat. Am fairly sure they were bought like that.

Now you don't see them anymore, are they unsafe? Do not want to spend entire winter replacing lots of lost gloves, and have just made one for dd.

ahundredtimes Sun 23-Sep-07 12:32:38

Goodness. This sounds like one for the health and safety executive committee.

Why wouldn't it be safe? Weren't they on elastic? You sew the elastic in at the nape so they don't strangle themselves

fizzbuzz Sun 23-Sep-07 12:36:26

Can't remember.....have just sewn dd's on ribbon, is that unsafe???

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