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Help!!! Any tips on how to do bikini line pre birth?

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foosfan Sun 23-Sep-07 10:09:07

I havnt seen my feet in months let alone anything else!
Have always used an epillator but its really difficult now I cant see and Im far too embarassed to go for a wax as Im sure Im the hairiest person in the world!!
Has anyone tried wax strips or creams that actually work?
Husband has offered to help but would like to go into hospital with some hair left!!

harleyd Sun 23-Sep-07 10:13:46

go get waxed, you wont be the hairiest person they have ever seen!
its to hard to do yourself at that stage.
lol @ idea of dh doing it, i wouldnt trust mine for one second, i would end up with the letters lufc designed into it

Tamdin Sun 23-Sep-07 10:15:37

def go get waxed. Beauticians have seen everything you can imagine! and will be only too happy to help.

mazzystar Sun 23-Sep-07 10:16:30

oh govdness i slathered on some depilatory cream as had fear of the notorious dry bic shave pre-cs - have no idea if i got a govd result but no-one seemed freaked out

and your midwife won't give two hoots if you can't be bothered

Tamdin Sun 23-Sep-07 10:18:44

mazzystar's right, get waxed if you want to but the midwives etc certainly won't care and neither will you by that stage!

errrrr Sun 23-Sep-07 10:25:26

Give yourself a break - you've got enough physical issues to be getting on with if you're in late pg (and you can't have a pre-wax gin to numb the pain) so don't inflict unnecessary pain on yourself. Have a pedicure instead cos at least you can see the results.

dissle Sun 23-Sep-07 10:31:12

dont bother love, once your giblets are hanging out, you wont care about a few pubes!

slim22 Sun 23-Sep-07 10:39:02

Go to a salon, ask for a brazilian and practice your breathing techniquegrin

sazzybee Sun 23-Sep-07 10:45:08

It hurts lots more to have a wax when you're pg so I wouldn't bother. TBH the dry bic shave really wasn't bad.
When the whole world is staring up yr fanjo, you don't really care about unruly pubes.

MrsBadger Sun 23-Sep-07 11:24:56

go get waxed
it will hurt but you won't have to worry about it for a good few weeks after the birth either
besides, stubble + lochia + huge sanitary towels will not = comfortable

missbumpy Sun 23-Sep-07 12:53:33

I know this has been answered on MN before but I've forgotten the answer. What's the difference between a Hollywood and a Brazilian? Is one of them a landing strip and one bald as a coot?
Does waxing really hurt more while pg? I was planning to just have a bit of a shave round the edges before I go into labour (with the help of a mirror).

LizaRose Sun 23-Sep-07 13:08:09

There is no shaving required unless you have a CS (when the dry bic comes into action). I guarantee no-one at the hospital will give a monkeys about your ladygarden!

foosfan Sun 23-Sep-07 15:38:21

Thanks dissle...nicely put!
spose your right, though maybe I might have a go with a mirror but its confusing as your hands work backwards in a reflection and might have an accident(probably wont be the first to give myself an accidental episiotamy before I go into labour though!grin)
Miss bumpy I think a Hollywood is all off and a brazillian is a landing strip but I might be wrong.

CatIsSleepy Sun 23-Sep-07 15:40:44

I thought i'd be worried about shaving etc pre-birth

but tbh once the contractions started it didn't seem quite so important!

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