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Walking Trainers

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RaggieDolls Sun 07-Jun-20 10:19:16

I really need some trainers for walking longer distances. We are doing so much walking at the moment and my metallic Supergas aren't really cutting it. I have some 'proper trainers' I wear for my classes and cycling but I don't want to get them all muddy.

I would like to buy a trainer rather than a plimsol type. I'm really after something in between a plimsol and a running shoe.

Any recommendations please?

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Terralee Sun 07-Jun-20 11:42:45

I find my Nike Air Force 1s good for walking in, the sole is very comfy.

CatBatCat Sun 07-Jun-20 13:04:01

Salomon. Ultra lightweight and last years

RaggieDolls Sun 07-Jun-20 18:58:02

Thank you. It's hard buying footwear on line! I would have assumed the Nike Air Force 1s would feel uncomfortable with the size of the sole so thank you for the recommendation.

Checking out soloman too.

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ProperVexed Sun 07-Jun-20 19:04:41

Merrell... their walking trainers are fabulous.

Greenvalleymama Sun 07-Jun-20 20:48:29

I have some Asics trail running trainers which are lovely on long walks. Are you walking mostly on pavements etc? The ground is exceptionally dry at the moment but if you want something to last you the majority of the year you could think about a proper walking shoe or even walking boots from an outdoor shop. They might be less attractive looking but your feet will thank you for it!

MrsHa Sun 07-Jun-20 20:51:03

I second Salomon. Had mine 5 years still great.

thedevilinablackdress Sun 07-Jun-20 21:06:11

ASICS are v comfy IME

RaggieDolls Sun 07-Jun-20 21:17:01

Hmmmm, I am doing quite a lot of footpath walking. We have some nice fields and bridle paths nearby. You are right about there usually being more mud.

I have a memory of a pair of Merrells when I travelled across Canada. They were excellent.

Looking at some Asics on John Lewis but I think you might have a point about them not being ideal for fields.

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MrsVeryTired Sun 07-Jun-20 21:18:29

Agree to Merrell, they are fab, I've had several pairs

TeaAndHobnob Sun 07-Jun-20 22:13:24

Buy some trail running shoes.

Unless it's winter and raining I do 90% of my walking in either Saucony Peregrines or Inov8 Roclites. They will wear quickly on tarmac but for everything else they are great, and will grip mud really well.

fizzpopbang123 Mon 08-Jun-20 06:53:05

What kind of distance are we talking? I really don't think hiking level trainers such as Merrell are necessary under about 10km. Any decent brand running trainer will be fine. Just steer clear of the " lifestyle" fashion ranges of the sporting brands, just because they are Nike, Adidas, New Balance etc, they won't be any better than your Supergas. I include Air Force 1s in these, they are heavy and not supportive.

MrsVeryTired Mon 08-Jun-20 09:36:42

Merrell do a range of shoes, from hiking level walking boots to casual trainers (I don't work for themgrin) just really like them. I also have Nike's for exercise but no use when it's really wet, fine for summer walking but not all year round.

Thecatisboss Mon 08-Jun-20 09:46:26

Another vote for Solomon's I've a pair of old walking trainers and newish trail running shoes both of which are really comfy and good to walk/run in.

RaggieDolls Mon 08-Jun-20 16:24:47

Thanks all.

@fizzpopbang123 probably about 8-9km on a week day but definitely over 10km at the weekend. It's not that far but the top of my foot was hurting yesterday and I wondered if it was footwear related?

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LadyEloise Mon 08-Jun-20 19:27:25

Brooks runners
Recommended by an orthapedic surgeon.

MrsPerks Mon 08-Jun-20 20:44:35

Saucony Grid - incredible cushioning if you are walking on pavements.

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