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Cleansing Balms etc

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fitflopqueen Sat 06-Jun-20 15:13:04

Hi, I have happily been using Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, currently out of it so using a trial Elemis Rose cleansing balm, this is lovely. Can anyone recommend anything at a more purse friendly level as I will need to get something in the next week or so.

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SpuriouserAndSpuriouser Sat 06-Jun-20 15:18:12

The M&S pure rose cleansing balm is really nice. I’ve also heard good things about the Body Shop camomile one, though I’ve not tried it myself. And the Beauty Pie apricot one is lovely, though I don’t know if you’re a Beauty Pie member.

fitflopqueen Sat 06-Jun-20 15:23:00

thanks i did just have a look at the M&S one, may just try that.

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Lighteninginabottle27 Sat 06-Jun-20 19:59:17

I like the body shop camomile one. It's in a tin too so eco friendly.

MabelMoo23 Sat 06-Jun-20 20:04:31

Body shop camomile- definitely. It’s a classic balm

bookish83 Sat 06-Jun-20 20:07:49

Body shop one as mentioned above

Emma hardie is nice too but a bit expensive I think!

MrMeSeeks Sat 06-Jun-20 20:08:38


ktjb39 Sat 06-Jun-20 20:10:09

I really like the Aldi ones, I always return to Liz Earle but the Aldi ones are very nice.

opinionatedfreak Sat 06-Jun-20 20:12:17

Isn't there a super drug one?

My skin is prone to not liking scented products so I love clinique take the day of balm which is mega-neutral.

frugalkitty Sat 06-Jun-20 22:38:56

Try QVC for Elemis, I think they've got everything on 3 easy pays at the moment. Or try eBay! I love the Elemis cleansing balms, they're the best I've tried.

nitgel Sat 06-Jun-20 22:41:05

I have one on ebay for sale grin i don't get on with the beeswax and it brings me out in a rash but 2nd qvc for Elemis..

frugalkitty Sat 06-Jun-20 22:41:43

Would you believe, DD has literally just walked into my room and said "where's your Elemis cleansing balm? I can't find it" grin

fitflopqueen Sat 06-Jun-20 22:50:39

I had an Emma Hardie trial size too, used that earlier in year. The Body Shop Chamomile is out of stock, thanks for all the suggestions. I will double check my samples box (does anyone else have a drawer full of unused stuff from Xmas/beauty boxes etc) and likely get the M&S one. I do use Aldi moisturiser daily.

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asparalite Sat 06-Jun-20 23:01:56

The M&S rose balm is good, also Lush ultrabland too.
Clinique Take the day off;another one worth trying also.

travailtotravel Sat 06-Jun-20 23:03:50

Elemis all the way. I tried others looking for a dupe, but now just suck it up. The boots botanic was half arsed ok but a bit too waxy.

Everley Sat 06-Jun-20 23:04:59

I use the Elemis one and love it but have also really liked the Emma Hardie (can’t remember the price though) and Ultrabland from Lush.

goose1964 Sat 06-Jun-20 23:11:26

Awhile ado I did a product test for a cleansing balm , it was fab but we weren't told the brand. Does anyone recognise it? it was a fairly bright yellow and had a really zingy lemon smell.

ShaniaPayne Sat 06-Jun-20 23:25:32

Boots No7 cleansing balm is nice.

asparalite Sun 07-Jun-20 10:14:49

Allbeauty have Elemis cleansing balm with a 20% discount at the moment.

autumnboys Sun 07-Jun-20 10:18:22

I like the Neals Yard wild rose balm, although it is expensive. Glass jar is good for recycling. Also, Lush Ultrabland, they’ll take the pots back, the Body Shop Camomile is good too. I shall put the M&S one on my list.

AlexChitChatting Sun 07-Jun-20 10:21:05

Coconut oil!

MrMeSeeks Mon 08-Jun-20 22:14:26

I use to love coconut oil, i swore by it, but i tried some this week and my face has broke out!
Clearly it did not like this one!

Brillenbar47 Tue 09-Jun-20 06:54:42

You can get 25 % off the elemis website with mary25

howdidigettobe50something Tue 09-Jun-20 07:16:47

I also use the Aldi cleanse and polish dupe as a Liz Earl substitute. I stock up with several when they have it in stock... It is so cheap! If I accidentally run out I've also used the superdrug one and boots too and they've also been good.

cheermeupifyoucan Tue 09-Jun-20 09:05:00

Just plain grape seed oil and a hot cloth.

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