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Can anyone offer style inspiration advice please?

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Bioprepper Thu 04-Jun-20 16:20:26

Ok so ive been offered the job of my dreams which is amazing! I havnt worked outside my home in 20 years due to being a student and running my own business at home. Ive spent my whole adult life as a mum as we started a family young and lived in jeans and a tshirt. Im now late 30s

I want ideas on not only workwear but just how to jazz up my style in general.

The new job is smart casual, no short skirts or low necks and after asking friends and family about workwear they have suggested i have a look on pinterest and get some ideas from a celebrity of a similar size to me.

Im a size 18 but with a smaller bust and big bum. A bit wobbly not all in proportion like some plus sized ladies.Im 5ft 8. Any suggestions on stylish people to follow?


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