Foot moisturiser, really?

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McDougal Wed 03-Jun-20 23:53:48

I've taken the plunge to get wonderfully soft feet for the summer and used beauty pie's dr glycolic socks which promise baby soft skin in ten days.

Problem being that I did it yesterday and my feet are so tight and shiny that they're really uncomfortable. Not painful, just a bit warm and very shiny. Is this normal? Can anyone who's used similar products give me an indication of when they started to shed? Not looking forward to that but hey, it's a small sacrifice for beautiful feet!

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MrsEricBana Wed 03-Jun-20 23:57:21

I used the Footner version. Nothing at all appeared to happen then in 6th day they started peeling like sunburn. I didn't peel it or use moisturiser. After a further 5 days it had all come of in shower/on socks. Feet are very noticeably better!

Curiousaboutcuriousgeorge Thu 04-Jun-20 00:17:02

Not sure if it’s the same thing or similar but I used a cheap foot mask and had similar results your describing for 4-5 days before they started peeling. They’ve been peeling for 2 days so far.

CloakedRed Thu 04-Jun-20 00:21:27

This was day 5 for me. You can see the side that had peeled and the hard skin left that had all gone by day 7.

I had a shiny, tight feet the first few days.

CloakedRed Thu 04-Jun-20 00:23:43

The hard skin did not look as bad as it does in the photo before the treatment. It looked worse before it got better!

McDougal Thu 04-Jun-20 06:53:42

So another three to four days of waiting? I'm not patient enough for this grin

Does it hurt at all when the skin starts peeling? Not in general, I mean if a rough part catches on bedding for example? I'm not the biggest fan of feet to start with so I'm not looking forward to that part! It's the soft feet that's keeping me going.

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Buggedandconfused Thu 04-Jun-20 09:51:28

Tight dry skin is perfect, it’ll start to peel soon. Peeling doesn’t hurt. If you soak feet again in water it’ll speed the process. Don’t use any moisturiser!

BreastedBoobilyToTheStairs Thu 04-Jun-20 10:00:44

Definitely no moisturiser! Shiny and tight skin is right but it does take a while. Keep soaking them every day and be prepared for the snake-like shedding everywhere you go!

The natural peeling doesn't hurt. The only way it might be a bit painful is if you start actively pulling at it and peeling before it's ready. I did that the first time I used footner and pulled a big, deep chunk of skin from the ball of my foot. The top surfaces were solid and dead but hadn't fully separated from the living skin so it started pulling off the healthy skin too. It bloody hurt. I didn't do that again the next time!

McDougal Thu 04-Jun-20 13:09:06

Oh god that sounds awful breasted! I saw a suggestion to keep the plug in during a shower which I've been doing so hoping that'll do as a soak?

I'm prepped for the snake like shedding. Socks on for that even if it does mean emptying my socks into the bin at the end of the day envy

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McDougal Thu 04-Jun-20 13:10:59

Does anyone have any before and after photos? I'm too impatient and want to see what the future holds for my trotters grin

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Housewife2010 Thu 04-Jun-20 15:44:25

I found the best way to quicken the process was to have regular baths. After a soak in the bath I rubbed my feet with a dry flannel before soaking them again and repeating. After this double scrub and soak in the bath the peeling process was quickened and I didn't leave a flaky trail behind me!

Bioprepper Thu 04-Jun-20 15:59:48

shiny is normal. The first time i used one i slipped on the wood floor lol. Dont need no moisturiser just patience, my feet are so dry they hurt if i dont use on of these every so often. My DH says it looks like ive got foot rot when it starts peeling haha.

emma6776 Thu 04-Jun-20 20:57:14

My feet peeled for weeks after I did a footner. I thought I’d be left with bones! Still not over it!

McDougal Thu 04-Jun-20 21:06:19

Oh I'm not a fan of baths so might have to soak my feet whilst at the dining room table working from home. Anything that'll speed the process up, I'll do.

Weeks Emma? I want beautifully smooth feet now!

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